Wealthy Affiliate – Getting Started

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Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Recently, I was doing research on an online network marketing company a friend of Wealthy Affiliate - Getting Startedmine was asking me to join, when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate! I had never heard of this company. So, I clicked on the link and it took me to a Free Sign Up page where I could get more information and learn about affiliate marketing.

It offered me 2 Free websites and lots of exciting training and community support.  I was hooked!

I totally forgot about the “other online opportunity” ……..I’m very excited to share with you what I discovered.

If you have been surfing the internet looking for ways to earn additional income working from home, you have probably found that there are thousands of websites and programs promising you the “pie in the sky” network marketing opportunities.

They offer guarantees that you will become rich if you just sign up with auto-ships of multitudes of products that you may or may not be able to sell.  The promise of riches and paychecks and riding off into the horizon was just too great an allure for you to pass up.

I know I wanted to believe everything and every one who told me… “you just have to get in now while this opportunity is hot ………”

Wealthy Affiliate Will Help You Avoid Scams!

Just couldn’t help myself – I was too gullible!

There are meetings. presentations, third-party calling and trying to signup close family and friends that run the other way when they see you coming!

I bet you’ve lost friends and maybe even family members because they were tired of you trying to recruit them into your latest online money making venture.  I’ll also bet you weren’t even being invited to family get together’s anymore…….

And all of this comes at a very hefty price – financially! Your credit card, your bank account and how about your self esteem- Right?

I thought so…………

Times are changing – Take a deep breath!

Wealthy Affiliate

WHEW! Time to Relax………

Well, what If I could show you a way to turn any PASSION into a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business? And what if I could show you how to do this in 4 Simple Steps?

No, I’m not kidding! Forget about all the other stuff I I told you. You have never seen anything like this anywhere on the internet or anywhere else! I know because I’ve been looking for this opportunity a very long time. I only wish someone had  told me about Wealthy Affiliate sooner. But everything is about TIMING!

I know you are probably thinking that everybody out there on the INTERNET professes to have the  “magic bullet”…..and yes, you are wondering what makes us different……You will need to reserve your skepticism and take a very close look at



* Choose an Interest –

Like most of us, I am sure that you have a hobby, niche, passion or interest that you could readily convert into an INCOME PRODUCING venture; that you could turn into a money making website.

There are billions of individuals searching the internet looking for something to buy or learn or need help with…you are the expert and now you can earn an INCOME helping others.

If you can’t think of a niche don’t worry, the training at WEALTHY AFFILIATE will help you make a decision and or even provide many ideas to facilitate your choice.


What if I told you that you, even if you’ve never created a website – can build one in less  than 30 minutes. As a member of WEALTHY AFFILIATE you can build a beautiful, revenue producing website.

This will be your BUSINESS. Which you will promote to EARN INCOME. This website will LEAD you on the ROAD TO SUCCESS.


As is true in a “brick and mortar” business, if you don’t have customers, visitors or traffic, you will be dead in the water.  So, with WEALTHY AFFILIATE, you are going to learn how to drive traffic and where to promote your website to get that traffic.

You will learn the latest and best technology in the industry to get ranking from GOOGLE, BING and YAHOO. You will also learn how to get your business noticed on SOCIAL MEDIA sites like Facebook, TWITTER, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


Once you have an audience/traffic, you will be able to promote products and services thru special programs called AFFILIATE PROGRAMS which are FREE! You will be able to promote anything you can imagine without carrying inventory or creating products.

NO INVENTORY. NO SHIPPING.  Think about it – there are MILLIONS of PRODUCTS and SERVICES that you can promote as an WEALTHY AFFILIATE member.

So, how can you start your own business –  It’s FREE to create your account – NO NEED for a CREDIT CARD!

WEALTHY AFFILIATE is the most active engaging and helpful community – of over 190,000 plus members and growing.

Best of all it’s FREE to get your business started. This includes access to our FAMOUS “Get Started” training courses – two beautiful websites with hosting, live help and support and thousands of community discussions.

 Create Your FREE ACCOUNT Today!


If you enjoyed this post or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below!

I would love to hear from you.

Angela Zechinato


It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterDigg thisShare on Google+Share on LinkedInPin on Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – Getting Started

    1. Angela Zechinato Post author

      It was wonderful of you to stop by Melody. Always love to have other marketers review my work. I am always so grateful when others appreciate my work. Best wishes for your success. Thank you.

  1. Wayne

    Greetings Angela:

    You have a great layout for your website- its very captivating. You have posted a lot of fresh, relevant content that shows your interest and passion in your business.

    It is refreshing to know that adding your personal story within your posts add credibility and first hand experience for your customers.

    I’ll be looking forward to more posts and updates from your site. Best wishes to you Angela!


    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Wayne, thank you for stopping by for a visit. I so appreciate your kind words and fantastic review of my site. It’s always challenging coming up with new content but I love being able to research and write about what I believe my readers will be interested in. I just recently changed my Theme so getting your approval means the world to me. I was concerned my previous Theme was not responsive enough and although I liked it, it’s not about me.

      I love to speak from experience and to let my readers know that I am not afraid to be vulnerable and that I am a regular person like they are. Too many blogs out there are so mechanical and you never seem to know the real person behind them.

      I look forward to seeing you when you visit and exchanging comments and ideas.
      All the best to you and much prosperity to you!


  2. Peter

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I concur that this is definitely the right place to be to get a great education about internet marketing. I personally spent many years trying to figure everything out myself before finding the answers at Wealthy Affiliate. It is good that you are getting the message out about this awesome community and anyone can join for free. Good work. 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Peter. Thank you so very much for stopping by. It seems to me that I am working for myself but not by myself. Many times I have a question when I am in the middle of writing a post or doing some research and all I have to do is pose a question to the community right from my site and there is the answer I need. How efficient and cool is that? There is no waiting for someone from support to get back to me. I do not have to stop and wait forever for an answer. I really like that.

      Wealthy Affiliate is like no other and the training I’ve received is like no other. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could build a website and maintain it without needing technical help from a webmaster. Heck, I am the webmaster!!

      Please feel free to stop by anytime and if you have any suggestions and or comments, please feel free to share with me.
      Angela (Angie)

  3. Emile

    Hi Angela, we found out about wealthy affiliate pretty much the same way, I was looking for reviews for another product about affiliate marketing when I ended up on wealthy affiliate, and it didn’t take me long to realise this was my chance of succeeding online, especially with all the helped offered and the great community, this is what make’s this experience of online marketing unique, where there is almost no possibility for you to fail at it.
    I also love the look of your website, seems like you are doing really good!
    Thanks for posting!
    Best regards, Emile

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Emile. Thank you so much for visiting my site. Wealthy Affiliate has been such a life saver for me. I don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner. I guess it’s about timing – isn’t it? The experience and the knowledge I have gained would never have been possible just working on any internet business. It is important to know the ins and outs. This is the most fun I have ever had with an affiliate marketing company and it’s also the most rewarding.

      I appreciate the compliment on my site. It’s still a work in progress as I continue to build my content and improve my site appearance.

      All the best of luck to you Emile in your journey with Wealthy Affiliate.


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