Vemma Scam Review – Pyramid Scheme MLM

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Vemma Scam Review – Pyramid Scheme MLM

Product Name – Vemma

Vemma Review

Price: FREE to sign up but encouraged to buy Affiliate Starter Pack $499.95 – $999.95

(Depending on level & Kit selected) Monthly auto-ship required to earn commissions.

Founder: BK Boreyko, Brad Wayment, CEO – Yibang Wang MD. PHD, Chief Scientific Officer
Verdict – Scam!

Vemma Scam Review – Overview – Pyramid Scheme MLM?

My Vemma Scam Review is about a privately help MLM Company that markets energy drinks, weight management and weight loss products. The Company is known as Vemma Nutrition. They use MLM (multi-level-marketing methods to sell and to recruit new members as distributors. Two major ways to earn is thru Retail Sales or of course (where the money is) at least that’s what you are told…… is thru Recruiting.

Pros vs Cons

So far from my research I’ve discovered that there are more negatives than there are positives. It seems that while the (4) product lines are geared towards health and wellness, and that should be a good thing…the emphasis is placed on the recruiting aspect. As that is where the big money is……RECRUITING!


Most people are searching for ways to lose weight or to find products that help the immune system get healthier. That is how I got involved with Vemma several years ago. I had been gravely ill and was told by someone about this company. I was so anxious to get well that I bought into it hook, line and sinker.

I’m jumping ahead…….

  • You get a FREE marketing website and back office.
  • There are tons of marketing and advertising materials to help you with your business.
  • There is a good referral plan which offers good commissions.
  • There are plenty of products to choose from for personal use and or to sell.


  • If decide to buy the Affiliate Business Pack, because whoever is recruiting you will tell you that it will help your business develop quicker, it can be costly. I thought everyone would jump at the $40 dollar a bottle Vemma drink but that was far from the truth.
  • Some of income depends on your personal volume and the efforts of others. You will also need to build teams on your left and right and build one or more cycles. Seems like a lot of variable to slow down income generation. People tend to not be patient and will drop out within a month if they are not earning money.
  • You must maintain certain level of monthly sales to remain active and earn commissions.
  • There is saturation in some areas as there are no territories and no limit on the number of distributors in an area.
  • There is an expectation that you need to have weekly meetings where you invite people to come to  your house without explaining what you are inviting them for.
  • Many people are uncomfortable with phone sales and that was always encouraged.

If you want to earn commissions you need to have a monthly auto-ship. Which is generally around $130/mo.  This is where you can run into trouble because you find yourself stocking overpriced product you can’t sell nor consume fast enough. (I know this from experience).

So, Who Would Vemma be Suited For?

There are those high profile people who will tell you that MLM is the way to financial independence. Why even Donald Trump chimed in one day on TV, that if he ever lost everything he would go into Multi Level Marketing. Vemma seems like a reputable business opportunity for anyone who is experienced in MLM and the different compensation plans and all the methods in which to earn income.

I think you also need to be someone who is financially able to pay for the business kits, sales materials and monthly auto-ships required to remain active for the long run.

I had inventory piling up from month to month that I couldn’t consume fast enough and or sell in order to remain qualified to earn commissions. If someone I recruited was active, I need to be as well to earn. That was getting expensive. I could not keep up…….

There have been many complaints filed against Vemma. There are tons of aggressive distributors who use less than scrupulous methods to talk you into signing up. Although Vemma provides many marketing materials in ways of videos and brochure for training, I found that the ultra savvy distributor who was only interested in building his own teams, would tell you exaggerated stories about the “very successful” distributors in the company and paint such a “rosy” story you couldn’t resist.

It is evident that as in all pyramid schemes or MLM programs, it is the ones at the top that are making the big money. Think about all the money made on $499-$999 kits. What about all the videos and marketing materials sold to distributors. Now add to that the monthly auto-ships.

Someone is making lots of money and it ain’t most of the distributors. Statistics show that fewer than 1% of those who join Vemma make enough money to live on. Many like myself, lose money and never get back original investment. Something wrong with this picture…….

What About Support?

Well remember the teams you are building, that is your support? There is no sending a quick email to get a much needed answer or try finding out who your sponsor is now. Because your previous sponsor dropped out. Most are new just like you so you are better off taking your chances on the operators in customer support. Many times you can’t get through quickly. So you have to wait!

When I was first approached about Vemma, I was actually invited to drop by an acquaintance’s house as they were having a get-together. I had no idea that I was going to a sales presentation. I felt duped! However, they made these products sound so amazing and of course I was looking for something to improve my health as I had been ill for some time. I was under the impression that if I signed up, that these people would be my support and help when needed. But, you come to find out that they are scarce and unavailable when you run into a problem or have questions.

Fortunately, I finally found a home in a community supported, non MLM with NO auto-ships, no secret meetings in someone’s home, and most importantly a sustainable business building platform. Read more about this amazing life changing business on my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Vemma Complaints

There have been several complaints reported to Better Business Bureau over the years. Most of these complaints are regarding products and services.
Vemma Scam ReviewYou can find this information out on your own by going to and typing in Tempe, AZ.

You can also check out Ripoff Report (online) to read about the over 40 complaints made against them. So be sure to do your homework before joining this company or for that matter any other online company. Do a thorough online search and don’t waste your time and money when there are many other respectable companies that could help you reach your income goals.

My Final Thoughts on Vemma

When I joined Vemma, I was told that it was relatively new in my area and that I didn’t have to be concerned with saturation. Well, that was a lie. The competition was stiff and everywhere I turned they were having “opportunity meetings”……..I soon realized that this was going to be harder than I thought. I had already invested money to be a business building at about $500. So all I could do was go forward.

They are like many other MLM companies with the same positives and negatives. Each distributor is looking out for him or herself. They will not share there secrets or methods with you. Sure they will give you ideas on how to promote. Like making a list of 100 people you know and them contact them or invite them to your home. That is a really quick way to run thru family members and friends and lose a few in the process. I know, my family members stopped inviting me to their gatherings because all I wanted to talk about was this “Amazing Opportunity” I just joined.

When you finally start to build teams, you start to lose people when they lose interest or are not making money. So you are constantly worried about remaining active. That was too much stress!

If you are looking for ways to create online income, I would suggest that you rethink joining Vemma. There are far better, easier and less stressful online opportunities.

When I was in MLM, I hated the word Pyramid Scheme……but now that I look back and after  unsuccessfully giving my all to a couple of them, I find that Vemma falls into that category.

Somewhere on the Vemma website it says that “getting in business is easy”….the problem as I see it is staying in business.

I no longer belong to any MLM companies at least as a recruiter. Vowed I would never do it again!

My VERDICT – SCAM.……Deceptive Marketing Practices, Outlandish Claims, Over Inflated Prices.

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If you have had any experiences with Vemma, Please CLICK on the REPLY button on the top of the post please and tell me your experiences. I’ve drawn from some of my own experiences and at the time was quite naive to believe everything I was told.

Angela Zechinato

Vemma Review

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