The Truth About Manifesting

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The Truth About Manifesting – Or Is It Hocus Pocus…….

You are destined for SUCCESS……..

The Truth About Manifesting

Tuning into the Power of Your Intuition is key to tuning into your Personal Destiny and following your true path in life……….

You have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. What do you spend most of your thoughts thinking about?

  • Do you focus on your goals, dreams, aspirations?
  • Do you use your thoughts to build your confidence and positive beliefs?
  • Or do you like most people think about your fears, worries, wondering how you are going to pay your bills?
  • Do you focus on anger, jealousy and other negative emotions?
  • Do your self sabotage your dreams with self doubt or false beliefs?

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The Truth About Manifesting

Learn to Tune into your Personal Destiny……………….BE YOU.

The Law of Attraction says that You Create Your Reality with Your Thoughts – You are What You Think!

Many successful people know who they are. They carry a sense of confidence that almost appears arrogant. But it it?

If are familiar with the book The Secret, most of all gravitated towards it like it was the last book on earth searching the miracle cure that would help all instantly manifest our wildest dreams. And then when that didn’t happen we were left feeling like we’d been duped. We believed that all you had to do was saying a few affirmations and miraculously our lives would transformed………….Well, don’t feel bad. You didn’t do anything wrong. I am still repeating affirmations from that book.

What IF I could show you what we were doing wrong……………………….?

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Happy Manifesting, Success and Prosperity!

Please let me what you think of this post. I love to hear from you.

Angela Zechinato

The Truth About Manifesting

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2 thoughts on “The Truth About Manifesting

  1. Peter

    I agree that we become what we think about the most often. But trouble is we often don’t know what we think about because for much of our time we are ‘unconscious’ just going through the motions of living. Wow you say 60,000 thoughts a day – I would be lucky to remember a dozen of them…. no wonder many people feel out of control of life… So that must be why when you can master the art of focusing your thoughts “Things change”. I suppose that’s why it is such a difficult thing for people to do because this very concept is not mainstream thinking at all. I guess because those in authority do not want you to be control of your own destiny and prefer you to be reliant upon them for whatever meager scraps they throw our way. Great post thanks for making it simple I will have to check this out. 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato Post author

      Peter, thoughts are things and because some of us are unconsciously going through our day, we create things we don’t want in our lives. It took me a while to learn how to pay attention to what I was thinking until I realized that when certain things went wrong it was because I was focusing on negative thoughts or on past hurts etc. You bring up a good point when you mention how those in authority do not want us to control our own destiny. In the old days, people like me would be arrested and charged with “witchcraft” or other crimes.

      Imagine what you can do with your life if you just allow yourself to think in terms of “unlimited possibilities”. Sometimes it scares me how quickly things manifest for me when I focus. I know it works. Athletes do it all the time. When you practice it everyday, it becomes a habit and then you don’t even realize that it is part of you everyday. It works in my personal life too. I change how I think and behave and those around change too. I can write a whole blog post just about that..haha.

      I believe that I manifested Wealthy Affiliate in my life because I set the intention of what I wanted to do as a home business. I allowed myself to think of only what I wanted……and here it it! So amazing – isn’t it?

      You are welcome. So happy you enjoyed it! Please stop by again soon.
      Best regards,


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