The Affilorama Review – Just Another Scam?

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Name: Affilorama
Website Url: The Affilorama Review - is it Just Another Scam?
Price: $0 Basic Membership, $1 thirty  day Premium  Membership, $67/monthly, $497 for 3 years + Upsells
Owners: Mark Ling
Latina Affiliate Rating: 80/100

Membership Overview

Today, my topic is The Affilorama Review. Lately, I’ve been receiving lots of emails from other marketers who are promoting this program. So I decided to find out more and thought you might like to know what I learned about them as well.  I hope that I can help you  make an informed decision if you are considering joining this program.

Affilorama was started by Mark Ling in 2005. It is an Internet Marketing Course which provides training for affiliate marketers. Mark was a very successful merchant who owned products like  “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano” before creating this platform to train his many affiliates.

Within Affilorama there are several levels of membership options and many different products for beginners and more advanced marketers. They also feature several plug in tools. I will have to say that Mark Ling has done a good job at providing some of the better products in the industry. Although I believe that there is a lot of room for improvement.

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In a minute I will provide some insight as to the products along with the many “upsells” within this affiliate marketing course.

But, I thought you might like to know what I consider the positives and negatives of this program.

The Affilorama Review – Pros and Cons of Affilorama


  • The educational resources and software applications are easy to follow
  • The have one of the largest affiliate marketing communities
  • You are able to check out the basics without investing (Free Option)
  • There is a three year payment option for the Premium program


  • There are too many options – makes choosing the right plan difficult
  • Not many perks with the basic program versus the paid programs
  • Incorrect informational training which could hurt your business
  • Due to the many upsells the monthly costs could be expensive
  • Videos are outdated
  • Support is handed off to someone other than Mark Ling

So Who Would Benefit From Affilorama?

For starters you wouldn’t have to be experienced in affiliate marketing, website building, content building or marketing.

There are several levels to choose from and if you can start out with what your budget can afford and work your way up. You could possibly make some extra money.  A self starter could  do well here.

What About The Training Within Affilorama

The Affilorama Review revealed that basic training starts with videos and other online tools with step-by-step instructions. There are also some software apps  used for website ranking and also some analysis tools. But the training is limited.

The Affilorama Premium includes a customized website building and hosting package called Affilorama Jetpack. Also includes AffiloTheme which in my opinion is a perks type accessory to help create beautiful websites.

I will explain in more details below when I discuss the costs involved.

What Kind of Support Can You Expect From Mark Ling in Affilorama?

No matter what level you join Affilorama you have the support of members, many of them are free members. Most times there is someone there but not sure how much direct assistance you can count on. The support will be delayed and take several days to get a response to your query.

So if you are stuck on a website problem, everything will have to wait until you get help or an answer.

There are message boards and forums to share discussions, questions and comments within the community. Mark Ling will pop in from time to time but you might not get a direct response from him.

If you are familiar with Mark Ling you will know that he is a very busy business man involved in many ventures. In my opinion I don’t believe that Affilorama is his main focus.

So let’s see……You sign up and join a program that will be a costly monthly premium Then when you need help a free member might possibly be there to help and the owner delegates everything to these free members…….more on this later……….

I hear Mark Ling is a very decent young man. I like what I’ve learned about him as a person but not sure I like this aspect of the program.

How Much Does Affilorama Cost?

When I checked out this program I was left very confused with the amount of information regarding products and offerings that I didn’t know where to begin. As a consumer I like to know what I am getting – what I am paying for upfront. I want to get access and know all elements of what I am getting into. The products are of quality but inferior and more expensive than my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training.

So I said I earlier I would explain in further detail what is included with the products and what you could expect to pay. Let’s take a closer look.

Affilorama Premium ($67 per month)

The Premium membership is considered the core product and is $67 monthly. This includes training, software, limited hosting, and forum access.

The Affilorama Review

As shown in the above photo, the items included are the Affiliate Training, Blog Bootcamp, Premium Tools, Website Hosting, and PLR Articles. While some of this training is quite good, there are some training flaws in the Affilorama Premium membership that could adversely impact your business.

There is emphasis of Link Building in the Blog Bootcamp. As a matter of fact, 1 of the 4 bootcamp lessons is focused on training you about backlinking strategies. That is 25% of the entire lesson.

Backlinks can get you into trouble these days with Google and it has led to people losing their entire business and ranking online. This is what I mean when I refer to outdated information being taught. You will be doomed to fail from the start. With the Google Panda or Penguin update, more websites that put a strong emphasis on backlinking are being removed from the search results.

Not a good way to try to start a business. Right?

In the affilorama review I was disturbed to discover that in the Premium package there is heavy promotion of PLR (Private Label Rights) content (you get 30 new PLR articles every month). These are also outdated and wrong. Wrong  because this content is duplicate material.

You will lose all rankings if you put it on your site. It will not be original material and will not give you the impact as orignial content will.

Needless to say, this is also not good for your business.

Lets look at the Affilorama Tools……….

There are 15 tools that you will have access to within the Premium membership, some of which will be basically meaningless data for you. Some are outdated and not being used by Google anymore.

There tools are not being updated at the same speed that the affiliate marketing world is evolving. I don’t know about you, I want to know the latest technology not yesterdays techniques.

There is an article spinning tool that could absolutely destroy your business if you decide to use it.  Social Snoop that works at getting backlinks from the social sites. Not good SEO!. These are just some examples of the outdated benefits you will receive through your Premium Membership.

It is troubling to think that they are still including these things in their offerings at Affilorama and I wish they would correct this for the sake of all those people looking to start a reliable income producing online business.

We can’t leave out the upsells….

There are several “upsells” that are promoted to you by Affilorama. I’ve never been a big fan of “upsells”. The price is already $67 per month. You are actually paying too much for these products when there are much better products/services available to you as an affiliate marketer.

How About a Less Expensive and Better Solution? Read About My #1 Recommended Review.

This is where I think of someone who is just starting out trying to learn how to be an affiliate marketer. And you get “hit up” right from the beginning with additional products you “need” to buy that are not included in your monthly premium of $67……I had a hard time with this. All I can do is shake my head. But here goes:

Affilorama Review


Upsell #1: AffiloBluePrint 3.0 Membership ($197, then $67 per month)

This package includes 13 lessons, over 80 videos on topics  from The Affilorama Reviewaffiliate marketing, niche marketing, research, SEO training for free traffic, PPC with 6 WordPress themes that are focused more on PPC than on SEO.

You will also learn a little about how Mark Ling built his affiliate marketing site from scratch and how you can use his example to do the same thing.

You can get this product alone but as time goes by you will realize that after one year free hosting, you will also need the Premium Package. It does not come with any support.

Upsell #2: AffiloJetPack Membership ($497)

AffiloJetPack is a high ticket item that is for the person who Affilorama-Jetpack-300x248doesn’t have time to go through the lengthy training and work but wants to start making money putting in little effort. It does 80% of the work for you and you do the rest. If you don’t care to learn the basics of setting up your own business – this AffiloJetPack is for you.

As an affiliate you should get this automatically in your membership instead you are paying additional monies to promote Mark Lings other products. Seems a bit overpriced so you need to think hard about how worthwhile this will be to your business.

There are “better alternatives”  which would provide this and more in one monthly premium for way less money.

Upsell #3: AffiloTheme ($97)

So the last upsell you will be encouraged to buy from The Affilorama ReviewAffilorama is called AffiloTheme. It is a WordPress theme that comes with a one year free hosting – after that you will need to join the Premium package to continue your hosting.

Also included with this package is:

  • AffiloTheme WordPress Theme
  • Training Videos
  • Private Members Only Forum
  • Graphics Creation Tool
  • One Free Year of Hosting

What have we learned here? Affilorama Premium is just one small part of this system. If you accept the all upsells, you will be spending over $700 plus the $67 monthly for the Premium Membership.

That’s a lot of money if you are on a budget and first starting out in business.

If you are more experienced and can afford this, it might upset you when you find out that all the components are not what they are promoted to be.

The Affilorama Review – My Final Opinion.

Mark Ling has put together a great product here. It has all the elements of an excellent affiliate marketing training course. I believe that if they spent more time updating the materials, eliminating those that might do harm to your online business, and improving member support they can rise even higher in their standings in the affiliate marketing industry.

Yet, because of all the upsells and misinformation in the trainings, it can be quite confusing to the beginner where to begin. I mentioned that earlier in my review.

My advice would be if you join Affilorama start with the basics like the Premium Package as that gives you most of what you’ll need. As you become familiar with all the aspects of the upsells, you can then decide if you want to purchase them.

My Final Verdict – Legit with some training drawbacks and overpriced products – No Scam Here!

Want to Become an Super Affiliate Marketer?

If you have enjoyed The Affilorama Review and have any questions or comments please be sure to click reply button on top of the page for the comment section. I look forward to chatting with you!

The Affilorama Review

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2 thoughts on “The Affilorama Review – Just Another Scam?

  1. Peter

    A great overview of this program. I have seen this being marketed before and had often wonder about it NOW I know. I see that you strongly promote Wealthy Affiliate as a better option I will take your advice and check them out Thank you for showing me the way 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato Post author

      Hi Peter so nice to see you here! Yes it is the best thing I have ever found on the net! There are times I am amazed that I even found WA because I was going in a different direction and would have signed up with another company just to please a friend. Wealthy Affiliate is the better option!

      You are so welcome and thanks for stopping by.


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