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Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income

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Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online IncomeIf you are keeping an online blog, why aren’t you blogging your way to wealth to earn online income? When I started  to blog many years ago, most of us were just using online blogs as a way to keep a journal. Blogging has only been popular since the early 2000’s.

And people took to this novel way of writing about everything under the sun like fish to water…….

Moms, senior citizens, college kids as well as business professionals all took it up to express their feelings, write about recipes, write business reviews – you name it – it was being blogged about.

Today, I am going to discuss how blogging your way to wealth to earn online income could be a way to help you make a serious online income –  I’ll bet you’ve considered it but, didn’t know how…..

However, in order to achieve this, there are a few things you will need to do and to learn – so don’t start counting your cash just yet.

Since I spend lots of time reading blogs and also attending Webinars on the many facets of blogging, I hope that I can impart some knowledge that I picked up along the way and is also helping me with my own online business…….

You Are Going to Need A Website

There are several wonderful blogging platforms you can use. Two of the most popular are Blogger and WordPress. My favorite is WordPress. Did you know that in less than 30 minutes you can build your own Revenue Producing FREE Website. That’s right – it will not cost you a thing and it is yours FREE to keep. Go here to get more information.

 So, What Are You Going To Write About – Niche

A Niche is a targeted product, service or topic. It’s something that you feel passionate about and that you can write about on a daily basis. It can be a hobby you have and know tons about. Or how about an interest like writing children’s books, or books about cooking or one of my favorite topics is Self-Improvement.

Did you know that you can do keyword searches on your topics to help you find content to write about? Keyword searches can be done by using Google or Yahoo or any of your favorite Search Engines.

You will be surprised at all the topics you can write about. If there is an audience you will get traffic or visitors. The important thing is that your Niche be something you can sustain a website with.

The broader your niche the more competition and maybe the harder to get traffic. The narrower your niche the less the competition and the easier to rank using your keywords.

I use a Keyword Search Tool called Jaaxy. You can try it out for yourself for FREE. You will be able to do 30 FREE searches to try it out.

Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income With Fresh Good Quality Content.

I must become a little preachy right now. I will also admit that I am sometimes guilty of letting a day or two go by without writing new content. There are some who are very successful blogging weekly and have managed to rank high with Google.

I would say these are more experienced long time bloggers who already have tons of content.

It is so vital to your online business that you treat your blog as a business and not as a hobby if you are blogging your way to wealth to earn online income.

You must MAKE time every day to UPDATE and keep your blog current. That means writing something every day.Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income

This practice will serve you well as the more content you write the more the search engines rank you and the faster you will start to earn. Keywords are very important as you will learn but, good quality content will be your lifeblood.

If you get into the habit of going weeks without updating, your visitors will lose interest and the search rankings will drop off. Treat your blog like a job and apply regular work hours. Think of it as losing money if you don’t go to work.

The Traffic Highway.

If you are going to be  successful at blogging and earn an online income , you absolutely need traffic. Your blog will receive Organic Traffic just from the search engines finding your posts when you publish your blog. This takes time to build up but the search engines will find your site in time.

There are many other ways you can drive traffic to your site:

  • Paid advertising, free advertising, viral marketing, search engine marketing, word of mouth, social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, using your website Url in email marketing, forums, message boards are just some ways you can use…..
  • Submit your URL to Search Engine Directories, Using Ping Services like Pingler or Ping-O-Matic
  • Submitting your blogs to Article Service will also bring traffic

Length of Your Articles and Blog Posts

My blogs tend to be lengthy. I am also wordy because I am afraid of leaving important information out. However, Google just requires that your blog be a minimum of 300 words. I like more than 500 – 1500 words long. That’s my preference.

Others feel that readers have short attention spans and want to get to the point. However the search engines like google like blogs that are over 2000 words long. They will rank you better.

It is good to provide detailed good content but don’t run on and on and stray from topic. Stay focus. Stay in touch with your audience even if you are just writing a paragraph or two. The important thing is to stay connected with your readers and current.

Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income by Monetizing Your Blog.

Don’t worry so much about making money with your blog. Once you have started receiving traffic and getting recognition then you can turn up the focus and start seriously working on turning a profit.

One of the ways I like to use is Google Adsense. These are text links that use the content of your blog to publish targeted ads on your blog. It is based on  pay-per-click. Pay-per-click is when someone clicks on one of your ads, you are paid a small percentage.

Other ways you may want to use are Amazon.com and other affiliate marketing venues Clickbank. There are thousands of companies that will pay you commissions if you run their ads on your site. I also like to use product reviews of products I use or am familiar with.

So, you see that there are many examples and ways to earn with your blog. So, if you are going to be writing anyway, why not earn some income which my research indicates…… can be very lucrative.

Happy Blogging and to Your Success!

If you are looking for a way to Earn and Learn while being part of an amazing community of like minded professional entrepreneurs; who are waiting to guide you to success at no cost to start, please go here and take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. FREE membership to start and NO credit card needed.

I hope that you have received some value from these tips and hints on earning income from your blog. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me. If you would be so kind, I would really appreciate our comments below.

My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Working Online. See You on The Inside!

Angela Zechinato


Blogging You Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income

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How to Revive Your Online Business Passion

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How to Revive Your Online Business Passion – Get Your Groove Back!

Have you been wondering how to revive your online business passion? You know that online businessHow to Revive Your Online Business Passion you couldn’t wait to start. The same business you worked day and night to build. But, suddenly something changed! Your Mojo is gone. One day you woke up and all that passion wasn’t there. The motivation to continue had disappeared. Where did that passion go? What happened?

“Passion is a feeling that tells you: this is the right thing to do. Nothing can stand in my way. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says. This feeling is so good that it cannot be ignored. I’m going to follow my bliss and act upon this glorious sensation of joy.”
Wayne W. Dyer

It happened to me and it has happened to many others. This topic seems to be shared by many online business starters. I visit many blogger sites and forums. Reading the comments is one of my favorite things to do. Many people leaving comments, are looking for something to help them revive the feelings they had, when they first started their online business.

They are looking for a certain reassurance. I receive comments all the time on my blog and again most of the comments are about how hard it is to remain focused on their business. The comments are generous in praise for my work and how they wish to get back to work on theirs.

The Idea of Being my Own Boss Was Very Exciting!

When I started my online business, I was looking for some way to make additional income. It had occurred to me thatHow to Revive Your Online Business Passion maybe a part-time job, outside of the home, was a good idea. Until I considered the cost of gas, buying lunches and new clothing. I also didn’t like the idea of waking up early to help someone else make money.

No, I wanted to do something for me!

I jumped in and spent many hours searching google for ways to make money from home that would be low cost and easy to do.

When I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate, I knew I had the solution to my situation. It was easy to dive in and start learning.

This would meet my needs of a flexible schedule and if I follow instructions and did the work, success would come. I knew going in that money would take months to achieve. But, it would happen with due diligence and constant work.

Then, towards the end of 2015, many things changed in my life. There was so much stress in my personal life and I lost all motivation. Suddenly, I just stopped working. My website was neglected I am ashamed to admit. It was as if my mind went numb. I could not get my groove back no matter how much I tried to talk myself out of my rut.

Each day I promised myself that tomorrow I would get busy again but that didn’t happen. This is unusual behavior for me.

Positive energy flows thru my veins. This isn’t me!

Yet, I would sit around day in and day out doing everything but work. I kept very busy but not working on my business. Before I knew it a year had passed by. I finally had to make a decision.

Do I let everything go for good and do I give it one more big effort. Well, here I am giving it one very big effort. How do I feel now? More motivated and focused than ever! Suddenly I am inspired to write my blogs and work on How to Revive Your Online Business Passioncatching up.

So, in order to understand How to Revive Your Online Business Passion you need to know what caused your situation in the first place.

Why have you lost your passion?

What was going on in your life to suddenly deter you from moving forward with your online business?

I Had a Why When I Started My Online Business.

You know, that reason above all to make a difference in your life and in the lives of loved ones. It is that burning desire to be successful no matter what and at all costs…..

Well, for everyone the reasons vary. But, lets look at some of the common reasons why we lose that passion for our online businesses.

  • Fear of Failure – That was one of my problems. I started to believe some of the lies I read about online about very few who start online businesses actually make any money.
  • Outside distractions – Last year, I had so many personal issues going on at the same time. I started to wonder if the Universe wasn’t sending me hints that maybe I needed to give up. Many mornings with all the good intentions in mind, I didn’t have the energy to think, let alone work.
  • Overwhelmed – We feel overwhelmed with the magnitude of what is needed to build an online business. There is tons of hard work but the rewards are many. If you just hang in and do the work for a few months, you will see rewards.
  • Lack of Motivation – I remember feeling numb. I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. I thought I was depressed. Other times I thought I had a medical reason. My drive was gone and I didn’t want to do much but sit and watch TV. Not like me at all!
  • Stress – Yeah I know about stress. I was actually carrying around enough to kill an elephant

Can you relate to any of the above? You probably have a few you can add to this list.

Below you will see some ways How to Revive Your online Business Passion.

The first thing I did was to reevaluate my motives to start an online business. If I wasn’t going to take it seriously then I needed to make a decision to make a go of it or just let it go and stop torturing myself.

So, remember your WHY…Are you going to give up so easily? And, why are you letting others affect How to Revive You Online Business Passionyour happiness and make you miserable? You need to make up your mind to turn off everyone or anything that you are allowing to disrupt your life. We give our power away so easily and blame others for our failures.

Don’t give away your POWER!

Find things in your life to be grateful for and celebrate your successes!

When you decide to make changes be sure to include alone time to be grateful. Count simple things in your life like being able to get out of bed, the food in your fridge, look around at your pets, you’re comfortable home..etc.

Make a short list of things you need to accomplish and after you do them, celebrate and reward yourself. Include in that list doing something for your business. I make lists of things I need to do but I keep them to about 3 items so as not to overwhelm myself.

Read positive affirmations daily. I love the work of Wayne Dyer and Napoleon Hill. I also love How to Revive You Online Business Passionanything by Maya Angelou. Many famous authors have suffered adversity and experienced failures. What makes them different from the average person? These people don’t allow their failures to stop them from finding success.

Maya Angelou was raped as a child. She went on to publish 7 autobiographies, three books of essays, several books of poetry and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows over a period of 50 years. How’s that for accomplishments? One of my favorite works of hers is “And Still I Rise”. She was an amazing woman. She is also someone I use as a mentor when I need inspiration and motivation.

And finally, find time for yourself. Do something you love. One of the reasons we lose passion in our work is because we lose interest. What used to be fun now is a chore. Have you lost interest in other things that you used to do, like going to the beach or what about that Zumba class you once enjoyed? Don’t shy away from playing golf with your buddies.

Believe me you can work on how to revive your online business passion and you can also enjoy all the things you love. You  made up your mind that there’s no use. You can change your mind back, it’s up to you! If you want it badly enough, you find a way!

What did you lose in all that time you decided to stop working on your online business?

I can tell you what I lost, if I had continued working I would have met many of my financial goals instead I’m back where I started. Many of my peers who started working online business are earning money and way ahead in their goals.

And all those distractions and stresses well, let’s just say I thought I could control certain situations in my life instead I allowed them to control me. That is no longer the case.

I can only control myself! I am happier now and realize that I can overcome anything and all I need to do is make up my mind.

Oh by the way, if you are the least curious about the business I was referring to please read here. It will be worth your while. You an get your FREE Membership and NO Credit Card Needed.
How to Revive Your Online Business Passion

It Is my sincerest hope that you derived value from reading this post. If I can be of any assistance or if you just want to leave me a comment please go to the REPLY button on the top of the page. I would love to hear from you.

Angela Zechinato

How to Revive Your Online Business Passion

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Discipline is Key For Success

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Discipline is Key For Success

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment – Jim Rohn

Discipline is KeyFrom the time we are born, we are learning discipline from our parents and later on from our teachers. Discipline is important in all aspects of life. Without it families suffer disharmony. There has to be someone in charge or as a leader to main order and avoid chaos. Discipline is key for success in every part of our lives. Without it, we will not prosper and find ourselves stumbling throughout life.

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