Swagbucks Scam Review

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Swagbucks Scam Review

Website: www.Swagbucks.com

Price: Free

Verdict: Legit Fun Site

Swagbucks Overview:

This Swagbucks Scam Review is being written because I’ve seen Swagbucks around on the internet and lots of people are making some money from it. So, I thought I’d check it out and see what the buzz was all about. I was actually looking for a way to earn a few extra dollars doing surveys. I haven’t earned any yet. But, I’m not really working it too hard.

There are many good survey companies out there. So far, I don’t know of anyone personally who is making a living doing surveys.  The amount of money you can make is negligible but I think it adds up if you work hard at it.  I haven’t heard of anything negative about Swagbucks – on the contrary. People seem to like it because it is free to join and you can start making money immediately!

What Do You Have to Do to Earn Swagbucks?

So, as I said it’s FREE to join. It’s an online rewards program where you earn digital dollars called “Swagbucks” for completing certain tasks. After you’ve earned enough credits, you can exchange your digital dollars into real money thru Paypal or you can exchange them for gift cards or other products. I have been letting mine accumulate. Hopefully soon I’ll have more time to spend trying to earn more…….

First of all let me say that you do not need any special skills to join Swagbucks. Anybody can do it! The only age restriction is that you need to be older than 13 years of age to register. Your high school student and college students would definitely like Swagbucks.  If you are looking to earn some play money this site is for you.

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Swagbucks will pay you to search online thru a search bar that you install. In other words, instead of doing online searches thru Google or other search engines, you use Swagbucks search bar. Now, we all know that Google does not pay us to use their search engine. With Swagbucks you will get paid. I think that is fabulous. At this point it’s not about the money.  Some people make about $50 a month. However, that can add up over a year’s time.

The only drawback with using the search bar is that Swagbucks is not in all countries and might not work in your particular country. I must also say that I cannot guarantee that your search results will be as good as Googles. So use your discretion.

  • Other ways you can earn with Swagbucks is by watching Videos (you will need to install a Swagbucks application).
  • Purchasing any products on the internet, completing FREE offers, participating in daily polls, playing games, among other things.
  • Like I said earlier my interest is in doing the surveys. There are many and and you can earn about $50. Just be sure when you sign up that you complete your profile. Take surveys and earn Swagbucks. The dashboard is updated on a daily basis, so check back daily for new offers.
  • There is also Trade in Feature. They will pay you for your old stuff. Not lots of money. But it’s still a good way to re-cyle your old things like phones or games or even books.
  • There is also a Referral Program – you can earn by referring others.
  • You can enter Sweepstakes.
  • There is also a Swagbucks Widget that you can install on your website to get the latest news and if you want to promote Swagbucks you can install a banner. You will earn credits if any of your visitors sign up thru your website.

Swagbucks has a little something for everyone. And besides it’s FUN! Click this banner to get your FREE account and start earning Swagbuck credits today…..

Pros and Cons


  • Swagbucks is 100% FREE to sign up
  • They have a variety of prizes to choose from.
  • It’s very easy to navigate for even young people.
  • They survey and offers are simple to do.


  • You will not earn Swagbucks on every search and will only get credits on about 34 searches daily.
  • The search engine is not as good as Google.
  • Unfortunately Swagbucks is not available in every country and not international yet.

So What About Swagbucks Support?

There is support thru customer support email or thru their Facebook or Twitter Pages. I have a tendency of forgetting my passwords or forgetting to save them and today I had to ask for my password to log on. In less than a minute I had an email with a reset for my password.

My Final Thoughts on Swagbucks Scam Review.

Swagbucks is definitely not a Scam in my opinion. I find it to be an enjoyable way to spend some free time when I need a break from blogging. It is a free which allows you to get free products and money in return for your time. My understanding is that they have been keeping their promises and giving payouts without delay.

You can not get rich and they do not promote themselves as a get rich quick site. They have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have paid out millions to their members.

Visit Swagbucks for more information.

I hope, you’ve enjoyed my review. Please feel free to click Reply and the top of my Post for any comments as I would love to hear from you. Take a free minutes to Share this post so others can enjoy it too.

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