iLivingApp Review – App That Pays You

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iLivingApp Review - App that pays youiLivingApp Review – App That Pays you in so many ways.

Name – iLivingApp

Website –

Price – $9.95 per mo.

Owners – John Marr, CEO of SavageApps, John Rodgers, CEO & Pres.

Overall Rank – 8 of 10

iLivingApp – Product Review

What is the iLivingApp?

iLivingApp – App That Pays You– gives the average person an opportunity to profit from the mobile app industry. It is an app that delivers high end professionally produced personal development videos to your smartphone or mobile device.

It also allows affiliates to earn Passive Income without recruiting.

It provides an extensive video vault full of  practical information from experts like Les Brown, World Re-known Motivational Speaker; Loral Langemeir, Millionaire Maker and John Marr, developer of SavageApps. They are all on the support team as well. As an affiliate you will have access to many videos and lessons created by these amazingly gifted individuals. Look at what you will learn:

  • Personal Development
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Financial Management
  • Personal Motivation
  • …….and much more

The Good and the Bad

Pro #1 – This application sends personal improvement videos directly to your mobile device.

Pro #2 – Only app in the world that allows you to make money from the exploding app industry.

Pro#3 –  The cost is ridiculously low. Only $9.95 per month. Anybody can earn approximately $2500 a month without recruiting or sponsoring.

The Bad

Con #1  – There is no live Chat for affiliates at this time. Although in the works.

Con#2   -Company is relatively young. Went live February 2013.

Con#3 – No community support. There are lots of training materials.

Who is iLivingApp for?

People love iLivingApp because they can earn money sharing mobile apps with others. With iLivingApp it’s never been easier to make extra income on a part time basis. Just share the apps with others – you can make an extra $500, $1000. $2500 a month or more. Take advantage of the exploding mobile app industry.

With iLivingApp’s Matrix Compensation Program you can:

  • Pay Off Debt
  • Prepare for retirement
  • Work from home
  • Travel
  • Enjoy more time with family
  • Make your own hours
  • and be your own boss

Compensation plan is quite extensive and you would need to visit site for additional details.

How can you make money from iLivingApp?

For a low monthly cost of $9.95 – you have the potential to earn $2500 per month once the matrix is filled. NO NEED to SPONSOR or RECRUIT anyone to earn money.

However, if you are a recruiting machine, there are additional bonuses and incentives for you.

iLivingApp Tools and Training –

Approved materials are provided such as banners.videos and phone scripts. Live weekly conference calls as well as archived calls in back office. Webinars. A free very attractive replicated website is provided.

iLiving Support

There currently is no live chat but easily accessible support via email.

iLiving Price – $9.95 per mo. for the basic program. There is a Premium Business Package for the serious business builders which includes 4 personalized marketing websites. Cost is $59.95. No additional upfront costs beyond monthly subscription.

Why Choose iLivingApp?

  • Content Excellence – Industry Experts from all over the world.
  • Innovation – first to market with an affiliate based app.
  • Technical Expertise – Globe leaders
  • Explosive potential – 3 explosive industries (Apps, self-development and affiliate marketing)
  • Proven System – generated MILLIONS of dollars its first year.
  • Great Value – No upfront costs beyond your monthly subscription.

iLivingApp Website –

Owners/Developer – John Marr, CEO of SavageApps, John Rodgers, CEO & Pres.

Overall Rank – 8 of 10

Verdict: Legit/Not Legit

Totally Legit


Wealthy Affiliate versus iLivingApp

My Conclusion:

iLivingApp Review – App That Pays You

Turns out that, maybe, I need to spend more time getting re-acquainted this company. I signed up for their affiliate program about a year ago and had done absolutely nothing with it.

It doesn’t have everything I look for in an affiliate marketing company but, it does have a strong ranking.

Whenever, I considered cancelling my account, a little voice kept nagging me not to.

It took doing this review to realize that I need to take a closer look and spend time sharing this really cool program. We are, after all, living in an era where people are always look for an APP for this or an APP for that…….This might just be a goldmine.

I should mention at this point, that I found the only program that does offers everything in one place Wealthy Affiliate (read my full review here). I am happy to iLivingApp to my Wealthy Affiliate programs to promote.

iLivingApp Review-App that pays you

Having the right website, affiliate marketing program and  learning how to rank in the search engines, you can make money promoting affiliate programs like iLivingApp. We teach you how at at Wealthy Affiliate. There is no cost to join to check it out to see if this is for you. So put your credit card away……… won’t need it.

If you have any questions about iLivingApp and anything related to affiliate marketing, please leave me a comment or question below. I will respond as quickly as I can.

Thank you so much for reading this review.

****UPDATE: I am no longer an affiliate of this product. However, I still stand by my review****

Angela Zechinato

iLA Living App

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