How to Start a Home Based Business With No Money

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How to Start a Home based Business With no Money!

The state of the economy and the need for more spendable incomeHow to Start a Home Based Business With No Money has driven many to seek help through the internet. How to start a home based business with no money would seem impossible to do since you don’t get anything for free these days. Our expectation is that we  have to spend money.

But, what if I show you how to start a home based  business with no money, and it is easier than you can imagine?

I have been working internet marketing for many years. As a single mother of two, even though I had full time income from a corporate job, my month outlasted my paycheck. Does that happen to you? Yes, it’s happening to many households these days. How depressing.

So, I found the health and wellness industry and joined online. I wanted to make a business out of it. I found it to be very fascinating as I’ve always been a big believer in supplementation. The only problem was that I had to pay out monies before I would even begin. There was a cost for website, auto-ship products, business building materials etc., etc.,

I was paying out hundreds every month trying to make a go of it and had not made much to brag about. Also that was months down the road. It was never enough to cover my monthly outlay……..

Yes, I made a little money but not a good return on my investment when you factored in the cost of my business. Besides,  it was hard getting people to join my team and when I did they never stayed very long as they were in the same boat as I was.

They needed income right away and they did not have the time to build a business from scratch. Not to mention all the other things you needed to do, like attend weekly meetings and conference calls late at night.

There were those never ending calls from people you were training who needed hand holding. I think you get my point. Many of you probably can relate to what I am talking about here…Right?

I decided that there had to be better way. With the technology we have at our disposal meaning computers, mobile devices, and the ease of the internet, I was sure I could  find a way to build a home based business that would be free. I also needed free ways to promote my business.

How to Start a Home Based Business with no Money using Social Media.

There is no reason why  you need to pay to advertise your business while there are free methods. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ are just a few I use. This is along with traffic that comes from search engines.

You can find many ways how to start a home based business with no money online  and promoting it will be free also. Some of the ways are free but others have a catch.  You soon find out that you have been wasting your time when you get that huge upsell asking you for money if you want to continue. However when you find the right home based business promoting it will be fun and easy.

When I show you how to start a home based business with no money you will be surprised and wonder like I did….why didn’t I know about this sooner?

I was scammed before and lost lots of money that I couldn’t afford.

I mean I’m a savvy person who knows my way around the internet. But I was gun shy. Nope, I did not trust anyone or anybody trying to encourage me to sign up for programs or opportunities as most call them.

But, I really needed to earn extra cash and the internet was the only way. It needed to be something I could do from the comfort of my own home. You see I have health challenges and working a conventional job is out of the question.

Are you interested in knowing how I did it?…….Good! Let’s Begin!

How to Start a Home Based Business With no Money……..think “Idea or Interest”

It’s not as hard as some people would have you believe. Most people search blindly without knowing what they want to do. So, it’s easy to jump from one thing to another. But what if you start thinking about something you love to do like a hobby, interest or even an idea you’ve been toying with? What if you can build a business around that?

Have you ever heard of a Niche? It’s a group of people that might be looking for a specific service or product. Like for instance, I love anything Feng Shui. But Feng Shui is a broad topic or market. However, I can make a niche out of say…..Feng Shui cures. There are tons of items and products geared toward helping people find Feng Shui cures for their homes, offices etc.

As a matter of fact, this is definitely a website I will start soon. Do you get the idea? It’s a topic I know lots about and I’ll be able to write lots of content to build a website. Plus there is a demand from the consumer for this information.

So, you need to start with an idea or interest when planning howHow to Start a Home Based Business With No Money to start a home based business with no money. Let me also stress that the business idea fills a need. If you pick a niche that you can’t come up with content to write about and doesn’t hold your interest, your business will fail.

You can create a niche from anything that you are knowledgeable about or that you can easily find material to research.  So have fun with it. Don’t freak out trying too hard to come up with one. I can help you with that when you sign up with my #1 recommendation where you can also learn all about affiliate marketing as an option for a niche.

How to Start a Home Based Business With no Money – FREE Website

Since you are going to be working online, you will need to have a website. I bet you are going to ask me….In teaching me How to start a home based business with no money, isn’t it expensive to get a website? And the answer is NO! Oh, sure you can have so called experts build you a website and charge you an arm and a leg, but I will show you how to build your own site in less than 1 minute for 0 cost. It is totally FREE.

This website page you are on is my online business website. I don’t have any employees. I work from home am sitting on my beautiful large balcony in gorgeous Puerto Rico as I write this blog.  My schedule is my own I and write my own content after carefully researching my topic.

And I can work from anywhere I want so I am very free to travel. All I need is my computer and internet access. Isn’t that cool?

Oh, I almost forgot I am a retired lady in my 60’s who had no prior website building experience. Everything you see on my site I created. So if you have any doubts about you doing this – don’t. Anybody can do this – Period!

How to Start a Home Based Business With no Money and the Right Training

When I was floundering online with all the different business opportunities, the one common thing I found was that the training was lacking. I received How to Start A Home Based Business With No Moneytraining from the person who recruited or signed me up and that person might have only recently joined the business. Getting help meant waiting days or weeks for answers. How frustrating! No wonder there is high turnover in network marketing.

You will not have to worry about that with us. Learning the right way to start your business and to learn how to make your business earn money for you requires the  right training.

At this point I would love to introduce you to one of the only companies I know that can  teach you how to successfully build on your idea, show you how to build a beautiful website, and show you what you need to do to make your online business successful. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Wealth Affiliate University.

It is also FREE to Join so If you are the least curious about learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing this is the best place I highly recommend. You will not be disappointed. Check it out for yourself.

So, to recap How to Start a Home Based Business With no Money, you will simply need an interest, a website, and thorough training to help you make your business a success. Yes, it all sounds a little simplistic and there are other things you will need to know but I already promised you  that we can show you as you go along. Everything will be provided. You will not be left hanging.

Remember that I will be there to help you every step of the way should you place your trust in me and sign up for your FREE MEMBERSHIP!

Don’t hesitate and do like I did. If I had started sooner I could have saved myself lots of grief and money. If you are looking for a get rich quick type of business, this is not for you. You will have to work hard and put in the time for training and working your business. That is what business owners do.

Some people quit too soon when they don’t see results right away but remember a brick and mortar business doesn’t realize a profit for the first few years. However the  reward is great if you just stick to it and DON’T QUIT!  You can learn how to start a home based business with no money if you are willing to give Wealthy Affiliate a serious look.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today. If I can be of assistance or answer any questions, please hit the REPLY button and leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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35 thoughts on “How to Start a Home Based Business With No Money

  1. Max

    Thank You for another great post. I feel encouraged by what you wrote. I look forward to your next words of wisdom. Keep them coming, Please.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Max. I hope that there was something of interest to you, in my post, that will help you to achieve success in your life. I appreciate so much that you took time out of your busy day to read and comment on my post. It pleases me to know that my readers are enjoying my topics. I am sure that my post How to Start A Home Based Business With no Money will reassure many who are looking for a easy way to start a home business.
      Best regards,

  2. Riaz Shah

    Hey there Angela,
    Great read, loving your detailed post! I agree that the best way to earn money online is by building your own website because that way you are in control of your business growth. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself and I would recommend anyone to join as its the best Online Business course there is to date. The amount of value you get is boundless for such low cost, definitely something worth joining if anyone wants to proper their business even further. Bookmarked your page, will definitely be coming back for moar 😀

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Riaz, So nice to see you here. Since finding Wealthy Affiliate it is hard for me to understand why anyone wouldn’t see how magnificent Wealthy Affiliate is as an online business course. There is something for everyone from the newbie to the more experienced. I had never built a website on my own ever. If I can do it -anyone can!

      When I came to WA, I was used to working with sponsors who did not have answers to my questions and needed to wait days for them from corporate. Not the case here. The community is awesome and there to answer your questions in real time. I cannot say enough and plan to be around for a very long time.

      The best part I think is that you do not ever need a credit card to sign up and get a FREE membership.

      Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again real soon!

      All the best!

  3. Don

    Hi Angela,
    Very interesting post. Starting a home based business with no investment at the beginning always sounds very interesting, especially when you have made already a bad experience with online programs.
    Especially when somebody wants to start a business it is very helpful to receive a proper training in order to become successful.
    Do you have to pay at any time for the training or will it be free for the rest of your membership?

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hi Don. I appreciate your nice comment. Yes, many people think it sounds suspicious when they are told that something is FREE. Some of us have been scammed and spent money on useless programs. Wealthy Affiliate is like nothing I’ve ever seen before or experienced before.

      You can get a FREE membership to take a look around to see if you are a good fit. You will receive 2 websites with hosting. You will also receive 10 free training classes from Kyle one of the owners to help you get your website built. After that if you want to receive the extensive ongoing training and access to community, you can upgrade to Premium membership.

      I hope this helps. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.

      Cheers to you as well!


  4. Megan

    Great article — a lot of awesome information in here that I can really connect with. It’s so frustrating when you try a bunch of different methods to dig yourself out of the hole, and find yourself even deeper when it’s all said and done. Affiliate marketing seems like a great track to work on promoting other people’s products on the way to creating my own — I’m so excited for my journey down the WA road!

    I’ve noticed that one of the biggest pieces of advice people give in the WA community is to never give up…have you found that there is a particular strategy or method you’ve used that has been most successful helped you break through what feels like a traffic/commission plateau?

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Megan, Thank you I appreciate your kinds words. What I love the most about affiliate marketing is that you are freed up to promote other people’s products/services. Also you can focus on finding ways to drive traffic to your site and to work on your own products.

      It seems like a cliche that people always say “don’t give up”… matter what you do. But, many have given up too soon when success was around the corner. In my opinion, If I am having a particular tough time coming up with ideas for content or become overwhelmed, I stop and take a break for a day or so. It’s better to clear your mind and do something else. However, I make it an effort no matter how I am feeling to do something every single day. Sometimes I do research on keywords and then take my time writing my content. Also, I spend times reading other blogs on WA….that usually gets me excited to continue.

      You must realize that making money online does not happen over night. You must work hard in the beginning and persevere……..

      Thank you for stopping by. All the best!

  5. Edy

    Wealthy Affiliate is a very kind platform. It allows people to try the training, tool, support for free. This home based business opportunity is a golden stepping stone for those who are aware of it. I myself had been stuck out there for a while getting ripped off by deceitful programs. But now I’m glad to find WA earlier and progress very well until this day! 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato Post author

      Hello Edy. Without Wealthy Affiliate I would never have ventured in Affiliate Marketing. They are the perfect platform to launch a home based business and to they provide all the training for ongoing success.

      Thank you for reading my blog post.
      Best wishes.

  6. Lok.w

    Great informative article! You did it.
    Start your online busincess is not easy I think because you need to change your mind set first, why I am saying this since internet marketing could help you success but not let you be rich after one night.
    Besides, a right trainging is most important, you need knowledge, teachquies and experience to do your work onl your niche.
    May I ask what do you think the most neccessary for the begining of newbie on internet marketing?
    I am sorry for my poor English.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hi Lok. Thank you. No it was not easy but it has been absolutely amazing and exciting what I’ve learned and how far I’ve come. I don’t expect to be rich. I don’t think you can get rich unless you have your own product to sell. But, affiliate marketing does offer an easy way to learn How to Start Your Own Business With No Money. And you can earn substantial income with affiliate marketing.

      I will be successful and will earn lots of money working for myself. Of that I am sure.

      You ask me what do I think is the most necessary for the beginning newbie on internet marketing? I think you need to work at it everyday. Learn what other marketers are doing. Spend lots of time looking at other successful affiliates websites and reading their blogs…….to get better at writing your own. You must be persistent and never give up if you are truly wanting to be in business for yourself. It takes about 5 years for someone who starts a brick and mortar business to get into profit. But people online will give up after a couple of months if they don’t start making money right away.

      You English is great and I understood everything you said. Thank you again for reading my blog and I hope my answer was helpful.

      All the best to you.

  7. Fisher

    Hi Angela, you’ve presented a lot of interesting online opportunities for making money without spending money.

    However, I believe if you really want to develop an online BUSINESS instead of just making some small cash, you can’t solely rely on free resources, i.e., you need to make some investment.

    For instance, a free domain and host not only will limit your capacity to do business on your website but won’t give you a legitimate business image.

    I think for an online business to succeed, we should treat it just like any other offline business. We need to have three basic assets at our disposal: fund, time and skills. Otherwise it may just be one of 99 out of 100 online businesses that at the best just make 100 bucks a year.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Fisher. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my blog post. Yes, I agree that if you want to make money it takes some investing and I am not trying to say that FREE is the only way to go. How to Start a Home Based Business With No Money, is intended to help someone who doesn’t have the upfront funds to start a business. It is intended to help someone on a budget see that there is a way to get started learning the ins and outs of internet marketing.

      There are many of us who have no problem coming up with monies for monthly premiums and to purchase domains. But a single mom looking for a way to begin will not be turned off when I explain how to start for FREE. I can show her a way to find a domain that will only cost a few dollars a month and then she can decide if she can afford to invest any monies into her business. Many times those are the people who succeed in this business…….it depends on how hungry you are to better yourself and also our “WHY”…..

      I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be here at WA if I had not had the opportunity to check out the company for FREE and take a few lessons and learn how easy building a website could be. This opportunity has changed my life in ways I never knew possible!

      Thank you for your input and for sharing your thoughts.

      Best regards,

  8. Manuel F Herrera jr

    When I first saw “How to Start a Home Based Business With No Money” I said no way,but started reading and was amazed at the info you provide on the subject.

    Great website AZechinato but what is more compelling to me is your for real my sister and people can relate…keep up the good work,Manny

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hi Manny, it’s true that in this economy there is a company that will give you a FREE membership with 2 free websites that you build with hosting. You will learn how to find a niche, write content and promote your business. Of course, if you are serious you would need to get a domain name and upgrade for the additional benefits that WA has to offer. A serious business creator would want to do that. Don’t you think?

      I am happy that you took the time to read my story. I have only provided a small sampling but it’s all true. It’s been a scary adventure but also so gratifying. I’ve been very blessed.

      Thank you again for your kind comments.

      All the best.


  9. Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hey Angela , too bad you were scammed online and lost money you could not afford.But this is the internet reality , almost every one out there seeking to make an income online has been deceived by Masters or Gurus.I’ve had my share too , luckily I escaped with a loss of a few hundreds dollars only.

    Very good recommendations on explaining people to pick an interest and target a small “niche” of the market.I agree with the model of affiliate marketing.It is a solution to this modern hard economic times we live.

    Affiliate Marketing sounds very daunting when people hear the word “Marketing”…They imagine studies and college degrees that could take them years to get the desired skills.But there are places online where this process is simplified even for newbies with no experience at all.

    I am using Wealthy Affiliate as my training module and have never looked back.I took action from the very first moment and I built a website , one that is getting rankings as we speak.I had no experience in building websites or in marketing whatsoever,

    This community helped me to build an online foundation right from scratch.Anyone can test it for as long as needed.They won’t try to sell you a thing.

    An absolute real University.

    Very nice article , keep on helping people this way.Talk you later

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Tasos. How very nice of you to comment on my post How to Start A Home Based Business With No Money. Yeah, there are scammers everywhere and suckers like myself who fall for the get rich quick schemes that unfortunately “newbies” are attracted to because we have no experience and we don’t know any better. That’s life. So, so we move on hopefully wiser and with eye wide open.

      Everything is different now and I have a clear path with the training I’m receiving at WA and the hands on knowledge that I am gaining working my own business – that by the way I was able to start with almost NO MONEY! There is nothing to fear about marketing and selling online. I have experience in the corporate world and know about face to face selling…..but nothing about online marketing and how to even begin seemed daunting. Online marketing is about forming relationships with other online business owners and it’s about being social on social sites. It’s also about name recognition and branding yourself…..

      .Super exciting stuff in my book!

      I so appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing around again. Take Care.

      All the best.

  10. Peter

    Hello Angela. The state of the economy is a great reason to want to start an online business and you have a great story here and one that I’m sure many of your readers will relate to.

    Fortunately you found Wealthy Affiliate and I am pleased that you are also directing your readers to them because they truly are a great resource for almost anyone wanting to learn how to create a successful online business. Best of all you can try them out for free which is just amazing and I encourage anyone reading this post to do just that “Try them”.

    Whether you are just beginning or have been online for years, Angela is giving you excellent advice about Wealthy Affiliate. I personally had over a dozen websites prior to joining that weren’t ranking on Google and within a few weeks of joining WA I quickly understood why and now have little trouble getting page one rankings because of the knowledge and training I received.

    Great post Angela and good work giving your readers such great advice. 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Peter. So nice of you to stop by. Yes the economy is really affecting more people than most realize. Here where I live, there is a mass exodus of young to middle aged people leaving Puerto Rico for the US looking for better work opportunities as the job situation is pretty dire here. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will struggle where ever they are going. They think the grass is greener somewhere else.

      But, so many still think that making money depends on looking for externals instead of looking within and believing they have what it takes to be successful and to start their own businesses. I am very grateful that I found Wealthy Affiliate which did allow me the opportunity to review the business for free for 7 days to see if it was for me or not.

      Thank you so much for your vote of confidence and for the kind words. I so appreciate it when someone else reinforces what I suggest and write about. And congratulations on your successes as well.

      All the best to you and hope to hear from you again!

  11. Aiden


    Great article!

    I didn’t even know it was going to be about WA until I got to the end which is a great surprise!

    This is a great article because you have drawn on your own experience and I love how you say “people keep jumping from one thing to another” this is so true, I have done this so many times, thinking it was the products fault or the company was a scam, more often that not, the problem is you, you are the one that have to put your knowledge into action and just do it.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Aiden,

      Thank you and so nice of you to stop by. I’m so thrilled that you liked my article. I think that the best things to write about are from personal experiences. People like to read about what happens to others. It’s authentic.

      Many say that if you would only stick to a program or product long enough, you will start to make money and your business will grow. Human nature is that we are easily bored or discouraged and tend to give up just before we become successful. I think you experience that with your niche – weight loss. It is hard to stay motivated and we need to work really hard to continue on.

      Aiden, I wish you tremendous success with your business. Again, thank you for your visit and comment.


  12. Chris

    I’ve been looking into help for advertsing my blog and actually getting a few more visitors to it – this article has managed to help me out loads!
    I have heard about social media but I thought it was nothing more than teenage noise – I never really looked at it as a means of free advertising before. Tell me, which platform would you recommend first?

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hi Chris. I am so happy that you found value in my article. We live in an era of social media and networking which makes running an online business for virtually no money easier than ever.

      You can’t go wrong using Twitter and Facebook. Those are my favorite. I’m starting to use Pinterest and Instagram . Although I don’t know much about Instagram yet – still learning.

      Best regards to you.


  13. roamy

    like everyone else, im looking for ways to make more money from home without investing anything apart from time.what with the cost of living increasing almost everyday and salaries staying the same?
    While looking for a good place to start or learn how to make money online,l found your site to be so informative with all the info any newbie can use.
    Thanks to your tips l feel ready to have a go at my own home business online.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      You are very welcome Roamy. Helping others find whatever they need to run their home businesses is very important to me. I know how difficult it is to try to make ends meet yet hoping against hope to find solutions.

      Thank you for stopping by


  14. Derek Marshall

    Hi Angela,

    great site and great to see Latina’s succeeding online, actually a lovely well respected latina affiliate marketer called Melisa Diaz from Puerto Rico also!. (and she is very helpful!)

    I like how you provide the possibility of starting a business online with no money as explain the free sources of traffic (social networks). I would add it is far better to have your own site name, (only $10 a year!) at least for branding purposes and making your site easy to remember for visitors/readers.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hi Derek,

      Sorry it took me so long to respond to your very kind and thoughtful comment. Illness and family issues took me away for while but now I am back. So, this Latina needs to do tons to catch up. I would like to know more about Melisa Diaz as I don’t know her.

      Yes, thanks for pointing out that having your own domain name is important especially if you are looking to brand yourself and your business online. I totally agree.

      I do appreciate your visit to my blog…….I wish you much success in your business!

  15. Viljoen

    Two very important things that one cannot go without when trying to start an online business is a website and traffic.

    Wealthy Affiliate will give you 2 free websites which has solved the problem of getting a website for free.

    To get traffic, you can post your website on social media platforms or rely on content marketing to get free traffic.

    If you have the money, then I would advise you to at least get your own domain name. You have written a great article Angela and keep up a good work 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hi again. Absolutely correct that you need a website and traffic and that at wealthy affiliate you can get 2 free websites. I love that, don’t you? And yes, you can find tons of ways to promote your sites. The internet makes that so easy if you are creative and have access. All it really takes is desire, determination and working hard at first and success will be yours!

      Thank you for your comments and for the kind words.

  16. Marcus

    Is social media actually a good time investment for your business? I actually think it’s far better to spend your time writing great content on your website that targets low competition keywords. At least then those people who find your site that way will genuinely be engaged and interested in your topic. If you blast out to social media, many people will just ignore it. Not many people engage via social media when it comes to products and services. I think most people are on there just to follow celebrities, keep up with their friends, and look and funny cat pictures.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Hello Marcus,

      I was away for awhile so I apologize for the delay in responding. To answer your first question, I have to agree with you there. I am not a big proponent of using social media solely for business promoting. Most of my friends already have businesses or are not interested in starting one. I like Twitter because I can remain neutral. So please don’t get me wrong when I use Social Media as an example to spread the word about your business. Too much social media can become a distraction and a waste of time. There are some individuals who do well and have large followings and if you are one of them, then it will work for you.

      I also agree that writing good content often and consistently will get you the traffic you need.

      Thank you for your comments and for visiting my site.

  17. Michel

    Thank for such an inspiring article. It just goes to show that anybody can build a business online with little or no resources.

    It is wonderful to know that you can make money from something that you enjoy doing and that is the joy of working from home and being your own boss.

    1. Angela Zechinato

      Good day Michel. Sorry it took so long to respond to your very nice comment on How to Start a Home Based Business With no Money. I’ve been taking care of some health issues and happy to say all is well now!

      Yes, you are so right, due to the internet if you have access, a computer and or a smart phone you can start a business with little or no resources. All it takes is desire and determination and work. Nothing worth having will come easy but once you start on that path, the universe opens doors you can’t imagine exist.

      To your success,

  18. Chris

    Very interesting stuff – one would have thought that this sort of thing would cost quite a bit of money to get going!
    I hadn’t really thought of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ as free advertising platforms – but I guess if you have enough followers they could really drive in a ton of traffic. Great read!


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