Empower Network Review – Scam or Not?

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Empower Network Review – Devious Scammers or Master Manipulators?

Name: Empower NetworkEmpower Network Review
Website: www.empowernetwork.com
Price: $25/mo. basic, $100/mo Inner Circle, $19 payment to earn commissions, $500 Costa Rica Intensive, $1000 for 15K Formula, $3,500 Master’s Retreat
Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe
Latina Affiliate Rank: LOWEST


Have you jumped on the Empower Network bandwagon yet? You are obviously taking a look at this Empower Network Review because you are considering it. That’s OK – you aren’t the only one tempted nor curious. Hundreds  just like you search online monthly to learn more. You have probably been asked by someone you know, who promotes (EN), to take a look so you can join under them.

If you haven’t heard of Empower Network then you must be living under a rock. Because their advertising is everywhere. At one time they were all over Facebook.  At least it used to be…..when I was first introduced to them.

You see I used to be a member who quit because I was disillusioned for reasons I will explain in this review. Let us take a look at the different elements of Empower Network.

What is The Actual Product?

Empower Network (EN) is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company founded in October of 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe. They provide an online opportunity where members can earn money selling overpriced marketing training, information products and a blogging platform. This platform is solely for promoting Empower Network and its’ overpriced products to earn commissions.

By the way, you are paying ($25/mo) for a blogging platform that you can get for free elsewhere. To make matters worse you will have to come up with $5,000 for the other products, you might want to ask yourself – How often will I be reviewing these videos/audios, will I put them to good use to make a return on my money? Will losing this money upset my families budget? It’s a lot of money and it could be better utilized elsewhere. You need to know this going in.

A Little Perspective First

Wealthy Affiliate                                         Empower Network            

Live Support                                                   No Live Support

2 Free Websites                                             1 Website

10 Lessons Getting Started                         $1,000’s for additional training

Since 2005                                                       Since 2012

3 BBB Complaints                                          82 BBB Complaints

Affiliate Program Inc.                                    Pay for Affiliate Program

98/100 Ranking                                              30/100 Ranking

FREE TO JOIN                                                  $44.95 month

Not All Online Opportunities Are Out to Empty Your Wallets. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review here!

Before we Get Into Costs Let’s Take a Look at The Pros and Cons of Empower Network.


  • You get an Empower Network blog (empowernetwork.com)


  • No precise description of what you are selling. You are left wondering what is the product or how will you earn money?
  • Come across like a Cult because of all the rah, rahs and hype. You are being groomed to be a ruthless sales person promoting (EN) to others.
  • Tons of “upsells”. Members are encouraged to upsell to their downlines. When you first join you are told it’s only $25 a month to start. And after you sign up then you are hit with, now you need to pay $19 in order to receive commissions etc. The pressure is on until you are either worn down and pay or you wind up quitting like I did.
  • You will spend a minimum of $140 a month if you want to make any money.
  • Lots of online COMPLAINTS about Empower Network. For instance, while I was a member we had to come up with creative ways to advertise on facebook because (EN) was banned from facebook. We had to cloak our affiliate links and had to change them often so as not to get caught.
  • Never had access to the Davids (owners) We received daily audio/videos pep talks on our sites.

Who is Empower Network Going to Benefit?

Look, when I joined Empower Network I was ecstatic. I thought for once that I would start earning money with my own online business. I thought a small monthly fee, write a blog everyday, and the money would come pouring in.

What a FANTASY! I didn’t have what it takes to promote this program. You see, I was not at all aggressive, ruthless and willing to pester everybody I knew to join.

I knew some of the “heavy hitters” and they had no problem belittling those who would not “go all in”……I would receive emails and phone calls. So Yes, some were really successful in (EN) but that was because they were relentless. Not me – Not my style!

Here is how you make money with their compensation plan:

Empower Network ReviewLet me explain as simply as I can. You join Empower network and you your referral Lisa becomes your first sale, now your $25 monthly is covered. She goes on to bring in 11 people new people. Lisa will make commission on her 1sr, 3rd, 5th, 7th-10th sales. You recruited only Lisa, will get paid on the 2nd,4th,6th and every 5th sale after that.

If Lisa’s 5th sale goes “all in” ($5K +) getting all the Empower Network products it will be passed up to you not Lisa. Sounds great so far for you right? But Lisa is not  so happy.

Remember that you are only paid commission on products that you own and paid for.

If you only paid for the blogging system you will only receive $25 commission from Lisa’s 2nd sale not the whole $5K – that money will be passed up to a higher level.

So do you see how a person could easily fall for paying or going “all in” when that kind of money is at risk? That is where the rub comes in. And they count on that kind of stress to entice the affiliates to buy all in. I wonder how many max out their credit cards???

I  am showing you this graphic because it’s important that you see how confusing it is to earn money. Obviously the person at the top makes the most money. That is why MLM’s are called pyramid schemes. It appears that most of the monies are passed up. I never did quite understand it. Yet people stay in – thinking they can actually make money!

It was not for me and maybe not for you either if you are not an aggressive recruiter. So hang on to your money. There are other amazingly fantastic money making opportunities out there. So don’t give up hope.

Take a deep breath and look at what I found that feels like home after so many failed tries! Wealthy Affiliate is MY #1 RECOMMENDATION and it is #1 on THE INTERNET!!

Empower Network Tools and Training

The tools you receive with your website are pretty lame. I received the most training from my upline sponsor and his sponsor. Remember they wanted to earn as much money as possible as quickly as they could. So, I received materials provided by them. They also held weekly conference calls and sent me “email swipes to send out.”

The videos produced by the owners and some of their favorite affiliates were geared towards getting you to upgrade

Empower Network Review and go “all in” by calling you “wussy” and telling you that you can become a “badass” like them if you spend more money. There is no earning commissions on products you did not own. Can you say CULT!

So there was the occasional reminder that you would lose commissions if someone upgraded to a product you didn’t own and the commissions would be passed up. The truth is that the commissions would be passed up anyway before you start to see any of that money.

The pressure was ongoing and the stress enormous. I thought my husband would divorce me because I kept telling him we needed to spend more money. We are talking about approximately $5000 + dollars. That’s a ton of money in my eyes!

What Kind of Support Can You Expect From Empower Network?

Not what you would think. That is reserved for those who upgrade to Inner Circle which is $100 per month. This gives you videos. Don’t expect contact with the owners directly. They are too busy doing the “rah, rah” thing to motivate the others to push the products.

I was also fortunate enough to a have fantastic sponsor who also had a fantastic sponsor. But as it turns out they couldn’t hold me there…….they understood.

Now let’s Take a Look at Financial Cost to Join Empower Network.

Blog Beast – Blogging System ($25 month) This will get you a blog so that you canEmpower Network Review take part in empower. This is to promote Empower Network and is an Empower Network domain that is not yours. When you leave you do not own any of the content and you can’t take it with you. The blogs were being flagged as SPAM when I was there a few years ago. Not good.

So you get nothing  for the $25 fee and are only creating content to help the owners make more money. The blog is not yours and the content is not yours.

You can get FREE sites which are far more superior elsewhere and you are able to promote any NICHE you like.  So save your money.

e-wallet ($19.99 per month) If you want to get paid you need to pay for a payment processor. Apparently they (EN) have problems getting approval by credit card companies. Paypal and credit card companies consider them to e high risk and ILLEGAL. I will leave it there.

Inner Circle Membership ($100 per month)  –  Motivational Tool  – Owning this product will increase your opportunity to earn more commissions if your recruits also purchase it. You are told you will make substantial income if you own this product so of course you want to Empower Network Review upgrade.

This will give you access to the Audios that contain hundreds of hours of conference calls where the heavy hitters of EN brag about the hundreds of thousands they earn each month.

As I remember it, there were no real lessons in these audios. Just recordings. I think these are to shame you into going on to the next level. Again how do you sell something like this to anyone?

Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one time payment) – More videos to help you learn to build long term business promoting empower network. It’s more of the same. How do Empower Network Reviewthey get away with this SCAM? Oh, but it’s from Costa Rica where one of the owners live. I wonder why he lives there? So are you paying  for an imaginary or maybe virtual trip to the tropics?

Well these are different. Here you will get videos covering marketing strategies and ways to find online leads. These tips might not be relevant today, which would make these videos outdated.

The 15K Formula ($1,000 one time pay) -A series of 9 videos showing you how to promote (EN) to social media that will no longer let you promote on their sites unless you are coy enough to hide your links. Banned – Banned – Banned! NeverEmpower Network Review heard of such a thing.

Oh wait here you actually learn something from other Internet Marketers. The trainings you receive I’m sure are very good and valuable. I’m not sure that you are getting your money’s worth. IF you want to learn from more experienced Internet Marketers visit my best online friend Google and you can find tons of fabulous info on youtube.com.

The Masters Retreat ($3,500 one time payment) – This is a series of 41 videos (motivational) that were recorded at one of their retreats. You are paying throughEmpower Network ReviewA the nose and may never see any return on this money. I’m willing to bet that most who paid this – never got it back in commissions. Yes, but it’s in Costa Rica  with beautiful beaches and sunburnt skin and all…..more like brain washed into thinking and acting like the other high pressure sales people they call affiliates?

Sorry couldn’t resist………….

So let’s add this up. You are looking at a total of $5,000 + $140 per month if you are “all in” with Empower Network. That’s way more than the initial $25 per month you are told when you are first approached to join. Gives me hives just thinking about it.

I’ve Reached The End of my Empower Network Review – Here’s my Final Take.

When I  first heard of Empower Network, I was so enthused because the name Empower filled me with such hope. I was fooled to believe that the name was positive. As I look back, it was far from it. So many people lost money they couldn’t afford to lose. Many were basically bullied by ruthless affiliates who were only thinking about how they were going to “reel them in.”

I heard stories of how members who signed up were left out in the cold. Because they were unable to reach their sponsors who previously made themselves accessible and after they got the person to join, abandoned them to figure things out on their own. No wonder MLM has such a terrible reputation. There is NO Product. You are all just brainwashed to sell a concept – Empower Network System.

When I started this Empower Network Review I was going to be generous and say that it was not a SCAM but now I am not so sure. No one is being swindled out of money and they do pay commissions on time. But they are deceptive and train members to be bulldogs and bullies.

Final Verdict – Master Manipulators! Stay Far Away From This Scheme! Very Expensive, No support-Not Your Own Business!

Avoid Schemes and Keep Your Money – Get The Most Amazing Affiliate Training and Business Building Lessons at Wealthy Affiliate-Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to Learn More!

I hope you learned something from my post. It would be fantastic to have you leave me a comment and or suggestion if there is a product or company you would like to see me review. Please click on the REPLY button at the top of the page.

All the best, see ya soon.


Empower Network Review


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4 thoughts on “Empower Network Review – Scam or Not?

  1. Peter

    AWESOME review, great images and points are well covered and I loved how you have spelled out the inside of the program and used your own experience to explain your points. I’m sure many people will get great value from this review. Like many I have heard of and seen their marketing and its good to have the inside scoope. Great work 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato Post author

      How nice of you to stop by and leave such great comments Peter! I love doing these reviews when I can make it easier for the readers so they can make good decisions. Nothing better than a first hand experience and testimony. Thank you for again.

      All the best

  2. Mark

    Hello Angela, Thanks for your really informative review of the Empower Network. Some while ago I considered joining EN. However something about the program did not fit with me. Instead I made the wise choice of joining Wealthy Affiliate. I have for a year now been earning money every month. Very best wishes Mark 🙂

    1. Angela Zechinato Post author

      Hi Mark. So sorry I took this long to respond. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I didn’t know when I was with Empower that I was doing it all wrong. Every night I posted on my site and nobody told us about SEO or ranking with Google. I feel so silly and used now because all I did was waste my time and money. There is a special place in the universe for people who take advantage of the needy. I am so happy to hear that you are with the right company and earning money.

      All the best to you as well.


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