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Clickbank Scam Alert Review

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Clickbank Scam Alert Review is for those who have many question about the Clickbank platform. Is it a Scam or are they getting a bad rap? My hope is that I will be able to clarify uncertainties you might have.

Clickbank – Scam Alert Review

Clickbank Scam lert Review

Name: Clickbank
Price: $49.95 per product for vendors-  Affiliates – FREE
Owners: Matt Hulett, CEO
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100

Clickbank, Product Overview:

My experience with Clickbank goes back a long time. I could have written a Clickbank Scam Alert Review then. I remember ordering self-improvement materials when they were still sending most of their e-books thru slow mail. I think I ordered a manual on how to do mail order. It was disastrous. What I received was colored paper with black typing done very cheaply.

I was so disappointed….to put it mildly. I was actually livid.

Later on you will be wondering if I suffer from multiple personalities or maybe delusional….. The answer is NO. I am quite sane….thank you very much. Lol.

Yes, I had a lousy experience back then. However, I know that was not representative of all of Clickbank. It wasn’t Clickbank, but a terrible vendor.

You see, Clickbank does not review the vendor products. They really can’t since there are too many of them. So, I decided to give them another chance. Besides, they are still around after all these years…that’s important!

I only recently got involved up front and personal when I decided that I wanted to promote affiliate marketing products and Clickbank is who I want to promote.

Take a look at one of the products I promote as an affiliate for Clickbank…….(I will soon be doing a review of this product). Hint* It involves how to manifest abundance…so be sure to stop by and check it out.

Clickbank is perhaps one of the oldest (started in 1998)  and largest marketplace for affiliate/vendor programs that is available online for internet marketers.  It is also highly credible with over 12,000 vendor products and over 100,000 active affiliates. It generates 350 millions dollars a year in revenue with it’s affiliate network – which is all commission based sales.

Unlike other large online companies like say…..Amazon, the products sold on Clickbank are downloadable information digital products like e-books, audio products and videos etc.  It has a vast marketplace for both vendors and affiliate.

Customers can download products right to their computers instantly – no waiting around. No packages in the mail to wait for.

The Good & the Bad

The Good: There are many aspects that I love about Clickbank.  I really love being an online business owner….and they make my work easy.

PRO #1 – Clickbank cookies last 60 days. That is important as many other companies only honor 24 hours. With Clickbank you will receive credit for the sale as long as your customer orders within 60 days.

PRO #2 – Clickbank always pays on time. You can opt to receive checks in the mail or direct deposit depending on where you live in the world.

PRO #3 – FREE – Easy signup for Newbies. Anyone can register account. You are free to promote on blogs, websites, email marketing, social media – Remember NO SPAMMING allowed. Easy signup for vendors as well.

PRO #4 – Commissions are generally high – many over 50% and even as high as 75%

PRO #5 – Clickbank offers all customers a guaranteed refund within 60 days of product purchase.

PRO # 6 – Clickbank pays weekly. And did  I mention…they always pay on time.

PRO # 7 – No affiliate limitations on products you can promote. Lots of products to choose from.

PRO #8 – Very attractive feature – Recurring commissions – Clickbank is one of the few affiliate/vendor networks that accepts recurring products and pays out recurring commission. That means bigger and more frequent commissions.

The Bad:

CON #1 – When I was doing my research of Clickbank, I couldn’t find promotional tools like banners and marketing materials to help affiliates promote Clickbank. You will need to create your own marketing/promo materials except for materials provided by vendors for their products.

CON #2 – Too many “crappy” inferior materials provided by vendors. Since Clickbank has relaxed requirements, too many Get Rich Quick materials cause high volume of refunds.

CON #3 – Speaking of high refund rates – of course this depends on product and also how well you research before hand….there is a tendency by buyers to purchase, use the product and then return for a refund. This is due to the generous 60 day refund period.

Who is Clickbank For?

Clickbank products are excellent for Newbies (affiliates) because there are no minimum requirements to sign up for an account. Many other companies require pre-approval for affiliate accounts.

When I was a newbie this was a wonderful feature since I didn’t have any built up marketing credentials and was just starting out with a new website.

There are affiliates from over 150 countries promoting Clickbank products. Sign up is super easy……….

There are two different sides to Clickbank. One side is for Vendors who use Clickbank to promote their products that they create. The other side is for the affiliates who promote the products supplied by the vendors on their own blogs, websites etc.
Clickbank scam

As a Vendor you can create a product, sales page etc., and use Clickbank marketplace to promote it and attract affiliates. Many affiliates eventually create their own products to sell on. Clickbank will take care of the customer support. Your customer can use credit card or PayPal and Clickbank will process payment.

There is a one time $49.95 for each product listed for vendors.

Affiliates do not pay to promote products other than the products you purchase for your own use. Affiliates are not required to own any of the products, but, are encouraged to own products that we choose to promote on our websites and or blogs.

How best to sell something to others when you are personally vested in your own products – right? You are more credible to your customer base.

Clickbank Tools & Training

One issue that I personally feel is a negative is that Clickbank does not have any sales materials for the affiliates. There are no banners, scripts or email scripts for promotion. We are however free to create our own. That is unusual as many companies are very strict with unauthorized advertising materials.

There is tons of training for vendors and affiliates including training Webinars on a weekly basis.

Clickbank is simply a payment processing site so vendors and affiliates can find each other. Clickbank will sell an inferior product as well as an excellent product. They don’t scrutinize nor review beforehand.

So, we as affiliates need to do our due diligence and research each product we promote and also learn as much as we can about that particular product and vendor.

The back office for affiliates as well as for vendors is set up nicely with video training and FAQ section. There is an extensive knowledge base for our use.

Clickbank Support-

There is a MASSIVE help center with lots of FAQ’s and articles that cover anything or most anything you need to know.

There is a video library with tutorials.

There is also a contact form in support center for more direct questions and help.

Vendors who provide materials for affiliates can sometimes be hard to reach unless they have an affiliate page or site. So keep that in mind when selecting products to promote.

My Final Opinion of Clickbank

Over the last several weeks I have read many comments on other blogs and websites that claimed that Clickbank was nothing but a Scam. Many of these comments were made from individuals who had ordered inferior products that they did not research well.
You can’t blame the payment processor – which is what Clickbank is. Because of the ease of registration, vendors are are not filtered and therefore bad products slip by.

Unfortunately, bad vendors reflect poorly on Clickbank. And I might add on affiliates who are just trying to make a living online……

As a business owner, I owe it to myself and my customer to look everything over carefully that I plan to promote on my website. That is what I do. But, no matter how careful I am, someone will be unhappy with their purchase. That does not constitute a scam.

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My Final Product Overview For Clickbank

Name: Clickbank


Price: $49.95 per product for vendors-FREE for affiliates

Owners: Matt Hulett, CEO

VERDICT: LEGIT – No where in my extensive research did I find any evidence of Clickbank trying to SCAM anyone. I was skeptical at first and as a result of my review will definitely continue my association with Clickbank.


Thank you so much for reading my Review on Clickbank, please be sure to leave me a comment or questions below. I so appreciate you all!

Angela Zechinato

ClickBank Review



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