Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income

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Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online IncomeIf you are keeping an online blog, why aren’t you blogging your way to wealth to earn online income? When I started  to blog many years ago, most of us were just using online blogs as a way to keep a journal. Blogging has only been popular since the early 2000’s.

And people took to this novel way of writing about everything under the sun like fish to water…….

Moms, senior citizens, college kids as well as business professionals all took it up to express their feelings, write about recipes, write business reviews – you name it – it was being blogged about.

Today, I am going to discuss how blogging your way to wealth to earn online income could be a way to help you make a serious online income –  I’ll bet you’ve considered it but, didn’t know how…..

However, in order to achieve this, there are a few things you will need to do and to learn – so don’t start counting your cash just yet.

Since I spend lots of time reading blogs and also attending Webinars on the many facets of blogging, I hope that I can impart some knowledge that I picked up along the way and is also helping me with my own online business…….

You Are Going to Need A Website

There are several wonderful blogging platforms you can use. Two of the most popular are Blogger and WordPress. My favorite is WordPress. Did you know that in less than 30 minutes you can build your own Revenue Producing FREE Website. That’s right – it will not cost you a thing and it is yours FREE to keep. Go here to get more information.

 So, What Are You Going To Write About – Niche

A Niche is a targeted product, service or topic. It’s something that you feel passionate about and that you can write about on a daily basis. It can be a hobby you have and know tons about. Or how about an interest like writing children’s books, or books about cooking or one of my favorite topics is Self-Improvement.

Did you know that you can do keyword searches on your topics to help you find content to write about? Keyword searches can be done by using Google or Yahoo or any of your favorite Search Engines.

You will be surprised at all the topics you can write about. If there is an audience you will get traffic or visitors. The important thing is that your Niche be something you can sustain a website with.

The broader your niche the more competition and maybe the harder to get traffic. The narrower your niche the less the competition and the easier to rank using your keywords.

I use a Keyword Search Tool called Jaaxy. You can try it out for yourself for FREE. You will be able to do 30 FREE searches to try it out.

Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income With Fresh Good Quality Content.

I must become a little preachy right now. I will also admit that I am sometimes guilty of letting a day or two go by without writing new content. There are some who are very successful blogging weekly and have managed to rank high with Google.

I would say these are more experienced long time bloggers who already have tons of content.

It is so vital to your online business that you treat your blog as a business and not as a hobby if you are blogging your way to wealth to earn online income.

You must MAKE time every day to UPDATE and keep your blog current. That means writing something every day.Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income

This practice will serve you well as the more content you write the more the search engines rank you and the faster you will start to earn. Keywords are very important as you will learn but, good quality content will be your lifeblood.

If you get into the habit of going weeks without updating, your visitors will lose interest and the search rankings will drop off. Treat your blog like a job and apply regular work hours. Think of it as losing money if you don’t go to work.

The Traffic Highway.

If you are going to be  successful at blogging and earn an online income , you absolutely need traffic. Your blog will receive Organic Traffic just from the search engines finding your posts when you publish your blog. This takes time to build up but the search engines will find your site in time.

There are many other ways you can drive traffic to your site:

  • Paid advertising, free advertising, viral marketing, search engine marketing, word of mouth, social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, using your website Url in email marketing, forums, message boards are just some ways you can use…..
  • Submit your URL to Search Engine Directories, Using Ping Services like Pingler or Ping-O-Matic
  • Submitting your blogs to Article Service will also bring traffic

Length of Your Articles and Blog Posts

My blogs tend to be lengthy. I am also wordy because I am afraid of leaving important information out. However, Google just requires that your blog be a minimum of 300 words. I like more than 500 – 1500 words long. That’s my preference.

Others feel that readers have short attention spans and want to get to the point. However the search engines like google like blogs that are over 2000 words long. They will rank you better.

It is good to provide detailed good content but don’t run on and on and stray from topic. Stay focus. Stay in touch with your audience even if you are just writing a paragraph or two. The important thing is to stay connected with your readers and current.

Blogging Your Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income by Monetizing Your Blog.

Don’t worry so much about making money with your blog. Once you have started receiving traffic and getting recognition then you can turn up the focus and start seriously working on turning a profit.

One of the ways I like to use is Google Adsense. These are text links that use the content of your blog to publish targeted ads on your blog. It is based on  pay-per-click. Pay-per-click is when someone clicks on one of your ads, you are paid a small percentage.

Other ways you may want to use are and other affiliate marketing venues Clickbank. There are thousands of companies that will pay you commissions if you run their ads on your site. I also like to use product reviews of products I use or am familiar with.

So, you see that there are many examples and ways to earn with your blog. So, if you are going to be writing anyway, why not earn some income which my research indicates…… can be very lucrative.

Happy Blogging and to Your Success!

If you are looking for a way to Earn and Learn while being part of an amazing community of like minded professional entrepreneurs; who are waiting to guide you to success at no cost to start, please go here and take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. FREE membership to start and NO credit card needed.

I hope that you have received some value from these tips and hints on earning income from your blog. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me. If you would be so kind, I would really appreciate our comments below.

My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Working Online. See You on The Inside!

Angela Zechinato

Blogging You Way to Wealth to Earn Online Income

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How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

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If you were as enthusiastic as I was when you began your online adventure as an Affiliate Marketer. You probably How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketingwould have paid anything to get a tutorial on how to succeed with affiliate marketing. I know I would have. Having some guidelines about the pitfalls and knowing what not to do, could have helped to cut through a ton of wasted time and effort.

But, of course that is not the case. Each and everyone one of us, who are risk-takers, venture into the unknown with the best intention; with our fingers crossed and hoping for the best outcome. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to start a home business with no money. You can sell other people’s products or even your own without keeping inventory and needing to have employees.

When I decided to do affiliate marketing, I knew I needed help to even know where to begin. So, my research led me to Wealthy Affiliate. Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate was like going to affiliate marketing university. I knew something about marketing but there was so much I didn’t know and I was in for a pleasant surprise.

There is so much that I love about working online but being able to receive knowledge from experienced marketers to help me run my business was more than I dreamed possible.

Besides, why re-invent the wheel. Right?

So I realized that others probably need some guidance and hopefully I can help with the following tips.

Please keep in mind that these are just some of the lessons I’ve learned to help improve my online business. You probably have a few of your own. Please feel free to share them in the comment section.

Let’s get started.

Mind Your Business Not Your Hobby is How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

Many people get all excited when they first start out expecting to make lots of money right away and thinking that How to Succeed With Affiliate aArketingthe business will run itself once you set it up. And when that doesn’t happen, they are discouraged and give up. They might even say they were scammed. This doesn’t work! I can’t believe I fell for this and wasted my time.

But the reality is that they failed because they don’t put enough time and effort into their business. Many are not willing to take the time for proper training. They also fail because they have unrealistic income goals.

It is their fault because they did not work it like a business but like a hobby. But they didn’t spend any money to get started so….nothing to lose. If you were trying to start a brick and mortar type business would your attitude change? Yeah, I think so. Sure, you stand to lose lots of money.

One of my mistakes was thinking that I could put in a few hours a week and by some miracle I would become an instant success. I found that when I didn’t work on my online business I would fall behind and would not keep up with the latest updates and training and after awhile had to make the decision to commit and do whatever it takes or just QUIT!

Obviously. I didn’t quit. I was determined that to succeed with my affiliate marketing business. No looking back! My goal is financial freedom and creating a lifetime income for me and for my family.

Align Yourself With Proper Training

The majority of people who get involved in Affiliate Marketing don’t know what kind of training they need to get started. So, they may fall prey to scammers or individuals who may charge for inferior training or no training at all. I remember signing up for marketing programs only to be left on my own to figure things out or being sent to view videos that were very confusing.

I soon found out that there is NO SECRET to earning money online. And there is no such thing as you pay for one-time push button set and forget money making website. But if you are new like I was, you are gullible and will believe the scammers and you will lose tons of money until you learn your lesson.

This will never happen to me again since I have found the best training on the internet. I will never be scammed again!

You have to put in the work and the time!

My advice to you is take your time and visit my favorite buddy Google and do careful research on any company or product. I usually will spend a day or two carefully considering future projects or companies. Reviews are my favorite since the are pretty thorough and quite complete. The author will usually give you an honest rating too.

Make sure that you align yourself with the best up-to-date training possible.

My #1 Recommendation for the Best Online Training on Internet

How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

Build One Business At A Time – Finish One Niche Site Before Starting Another

When I started building my first Niche Website, of course I was also reading what other marketers were doing. Nothing wrong with that. But many marketers believe that if one website to make money is good, several are better.

Again, I thought If I can work on two sites at the same time, my income will increase. Never imagined that I would have trouble staying focused and being thorough with my online businesses.

It soon became clear to me that there is tons of work when building a website. Not only did I need to write good quality content but the amount of research for each post was time consuming. I was neglecting important tasks that needed daily attention by taking short cuts. Not cool!

Taking care of multiple sites at once can be overwhelming if your time management skills are lacking. Something is going to suffer when you try to serve many masters. I miss calculated the amount of time I would need to devote to various tasks and soon I was doing the bare minimum for my businesses.

Just build one business at a time. Finish one Niche site before starting another is sound advice. Focus your energy and attention until you start making a profit and then continue until you are making enough money to begin working on another site.

An added benefit is that I am getting my practice and experience now so I can be better prepared for any future niche websites I create. I read somewhere that it only takes one successful website to make you a full-time income.

How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing With Good Quality Content

Part of the reason I would lose my focus when I first started in Affiliate Marketing was that I needed to write good quality content that takes time to research and put together an outline, and find good images to use etc. Well, in order to create a good quality website business that gets tons of traffic, you need to create an authority site that people want to return to time and time again.

I started to realize and understand why book writers go off to write so that How To Succeed With Affiliate Marketingthey can have peace and quiet. You need to have chunks of time so you can create and think. That was very lacking in my household for a long time. You see I have a sick and was also raising a rescue puppy I found at the beach who required lots of attention and care.

I love writing my own content but I am an all or nothing type person. And if I can’t devote the right amount of time, I procrastinate. Well, it’s the truth. It happens to all of us. We get distracted and our writing suffers.

The search engines including google love sites that provide value to the readers.

You can write lots of garbage content just to fill your pages, but that will not bring sales. Your Affiliate companies like Clickbank, Amazon, or what ever products you promote will not bring in your traffic. That is up to you.

Your content will bring in the traffic. The Search Engines and the readers are looking for unique content. So you need to be different from the tons of thousand affiliates writing blogs and trying to promote products. I know that sounds scary. But, nobody said it would be easy!

Getting started is easy but you need to do the work and write about what your readers are hungry for. If you feel passionate about what you are doing and your business, you are that much closer to success.

Be A Product of The Products You Promote

Whenever I see product reviews and the reviewer admits to not owning the product or using the product it makes me weary of this person. I wonder how an you know what is good or bad about this item and how can you expect others to believe what you are saying?

You need to know your products inside and out. For example if you are promoting a particular Email Marketing System be sure you are using it. All the products I promote on my affiliate marketing site I also own and use. Credibility is very important when you are so visible online. When a potential customer has a question, you need to be able to give all the pros and cons. Most people appreciate it when you are honest with them.

How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing and Recurring Affiliate Revenue

Along the lines of promoting, I think it is also important to promote products that will help you to achieve the income levels you are looking for. In other words, do your homework and look for affiliate companies that offer recurring revenue income.

Something else to consider your favorite affiliate sites are not guaranteed to be around How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketingforever. You need to be sure that you can replace income should some of your income streams dry out. I recommend that you build a strong foundation of recurring revenue income.

So, that you can have peace of mind no matter what happens you can keep receiving whatever income you are accustomed to.


Wealthy Affiliate is an example of one of those companies. It is a membership site where customers pay a monthly fee. So as long as a customer is a member you as the affiliate marketer will get paid.

There are too many products out there which are one time sales so you have to work harder to find another sale. So don’t be afraid to go after higher commission products which can grow your business faster. Which would you rather promote?

Schedule Your Tasks for the Week

Do you use a daily calendar or a to-do list? I don’t know about you but I have a lousy memory when it comes to remembering what I was planning for a certain day. I need to write things down. So, what do I do on a daily basis? I make sure I’ve itemized what things I need to get done.

I am very blessed to be able to work whenever I want. There are many times my day will get out of control so maybe I can get things done at night for a few hours until bedtime. Other days I am able to work during the earlier part of the day. But, no matter what I make sure to always work on my online business.

The best plan for me is to do certain tasks on the same days of the week. For example, on Mondays I do keyword research for my posts for that week. Tuesday and Wednesday, I write content. Thursday and Friday I do some house cleaning on my site. I also do miscellaneous tasks on the weekend as time allows. I am also always looking for additional ways to promote my business and affiliate products to review.

It is so much easier when you can break things down into smaller segments and a schedule helps you with that. Making a list or schedule be sure to put tasks in order of importance and tackle those first so if your day goes haywire, you will feel like you accomplished something.

A Positive Mindset Will go a Long Way to Success

Well this is one of my favorite topics. As a firm believer in The Law of Attraction, I am How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketingconvinced that we create our own reality. This is true in our every day lives as well as in creating our businesses.

To build a business of any kind takes hard work, determination and perseverance. Sometimes the challenges can be overwhelming and they can make you think about calling it quits. You just need to remember that if you push through, the reward will be many.

The beginning of 2016 was a difficult year for me. Too many things were going wrong in my personal life. So you can imagine that I was not in a positive mindset. I lost the desire to do those things which I most enjoyed. It was clear to me that my thoughts were negative and I suddenly stopped caring. Your self-talk can make you successful but it can also destroy you. So be careful with your self-talk. Remember to take time to show gratitude for the everyday things. We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. I know hard to believe – right?

What do you want your thoughts and self-talk to be?

(You can read more about mindset here)

Include Your Story in Your Content

Writing these posts are very enjoyable to me. Whenever possible I like to insert my experiences and a little something about myself. If you read my other posts, you will see that this is true. We are affiliate marketers but that doesn’t mean we have to be constantly selling.

No one likes to be pitched too. When our tone is conversational, the reader will be more at ease and will spend time reviewing your products and your website.

You will come across more credible when you talk as if you were right in front of them. Let some of your personality shine through. I am always honest when asked about my experiences in affiliate marketing and with Wealthy Affiliate.

You must never be too forceful trying to oversell your products. Wealthy Affiliate for me is the reason I have learned how to succeed with affiliate marketing by giving me the tools and the skills necessary to be the best in my profession. Being a Super Affiliate Marketer is my main goal and I have everything I need to be one!

Patience is a Virtue Which Few of us Possess in Great Quantity

Have you ever noticed how lots of people start new projects or make resolutions like for New Year’s Day and within aHow to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing few short weeks they lose interest or move on to something new? It must be something in us that makes us have a short attention span. We are easily distracted when new shiny objects are presented to us.

But, you know in your heart that the only way to be successful at anything is by staying on course and keeping your eyes on the prize. If you want something bad enough you can have it but you will need to work, don’t allow anyone to discourage you and know that if you don’t quit you will succeed.

There are days when I have trouble coming up with ideas for content or it seems that I am being constantly interrupted. When that happens then I take a break or put off what I was doing until another day. But the important thing is to begin again and to not let your impatience get the better of you.

I know deep inside me that I am on the right path and as long as I remember all the tips I have included on how to succeed with affiliate marketing in this post that only good will come from my efforts.

Do something every day towards your business goals and you will eventually reach them. Just never ever QUIT!

I hope you derived value from this post. Please leave a comment or a question – Just hit the REPLY button on the top of post.
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Angela Zechinato

How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing





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Baby Boomers and The Aging Workforce

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One of my cousins recently retired from her job of many years. For Baby boomers and the aging workforce Baby Boomers and the Aging Workforcethis is a milestone to be celebrated. Baby Boomers are a segment of the population who were born between 1946-1964. They currently make up 46% of the workforce according to statistics. About 10,000 baby boomers are retiring daily for a total of approximately 4 million a year.

Although the U.S. Government has eliminated the mandatory retirement age of 65, many aging workers plan to retire on or before age 65. My cousin is only 62 and was really looking forward to her birthday so she could say good-by to working for a living. She was meticulously keeping a countdown on Facebook over the last 6 months. Sounds to me like she was looking forward to it and very excited to retire.

Baby Boomers and the Aging Workforce Facing Rocky Economic Conditions

Did you know that according to surveys conducted in 2009, 7 out of 10 baby boomers in the U.S. are putting off retirement because they cannot afford to.

  • Many lack savings due to many reasons from helping to raise grandchildren to supporting adult children.
  • There may be medical bills piling up due to ongoing health issues.
  • Also the cost of living is higher and of course social security can’t replace earnings from a job. So, full retirement is not an option.
  • Baby boomers are still paying tuition for college aged children.
  • The credit cards are maxed out.

For others the rocky economic conditions will not stop them from retirement. They have put in their time and they are tired.

However, retirement for these baby boomers and aging workforce does not mean staying home and sitting on their rocking chairs waiting to die. Nope! Not at all!

Baby Boomers Continue Working for Reasons Other Than Finances.

Baby Boomers an the Aging WorkforceWhen I was still in the workforce, I remember working with individuals who were well pass 65 and maybe into their 70’s. These folks were there because they needed something to do and were easily bored at home. Some were healthy as a horse and felt they needed to remain active. For them staying home was not an option.

But, they did not want to work full time. Yet, you could count on them to be punctual and report to work as schedules. They enjoyed the social interaction and loved receiving a paycheck no matter how small. Yeah, many days I envied that these aging workers could decide just to walk away if they wanted.

Baby Boomers and The Aging Workforce – The New Wave of Entrepreneurs

Baby boomers and the Aging Workforce
I read in my research that the highest rate of entrepreneurs in America is people in the over 55-64 age group. People over 55 are more likely to start successful businesses than those in the 20-34 age group. – Resource – Kauffmann Foundation Report

Baby boomers, seniors, the aging workforce or whatever you want to call us are about 76 million strong. We were introduced early on to technology like computers, fax machines etc. Most of us have from basic to more advanced computer skills, so we are comfortable with things like Social Media, Google, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

My husband and I are in our late 60’s and early 70’s and we have laptops, ipads ,copier/scanner and smart phones. We are more technology savvy than our grown children.

As a matter of fact I currently own and operate 2 websites that I built and manage myself! Read  how I did this here.

Boomers enjoy being independent for a number of reasons. They enjoy being challenged and staying motivated. The idea of being their own boss is exciting and there is more time now that they are retired.

Many researchers predict that independent businesses owned by baby boomer will grow by an additional 1.2 million within the next 2 years.

Spending by the 50+ Group is Around 7 Billion Annually

We baby boomers are trendsetters and have always been.

Did you know that 48% of those 65 years or older own a desktop computer? And they have the most money of any age group and like to shop online due to the convenience. Once I got the hang of it, I realized I enjoyed shopping from the comfort of my own home. Beats standing in long lines at the department stores.

My family and friends spend most of their shopping dollars online. Anytime I mention not being able to find something locally, I am reminded to go online and search for it on Google or  Amazon. One of these days we’ll be able to shop for our groceries as well.

Baby Boomers and The Aging Workforce – Living Longer

Baby Boomers and The Aging Workforce

This is me last Thanksgiving.

When I look around at my family and friends, who are retired, it’s hard for me to believe how young they look. Sixty is the new 40 is what people tell me. Men and women alike are fighting the aging process. It used to be that women only got face lifts. Now it’s very common for men to get them as well.

We are taking better care of our bodies with exercise and better diets.

If you reach age 65 without major health issues chances are you will have a healthy life into your golden years. On my next birthday February 21st, I will be 68 years young. Everyone including my husband say I look much younger than my age. I still do Zumba about 2-3 times a week. Being active is very important to me and helps me maintain my health.

What does this mean for baby boomers and the aging workforce? It means that retirement is not the end of life and there is no reason to not get involved in a new venture. What it means is you need to “jump for joy” because you have a nice long life ahead of you and opportunities for new beginnings.

You too can start your own home based business – just like I did. Take a look at my #1 Recommendation  to help get your started on your way to the rest of your life!

So there you have it! If you have found value in this article please be sure to leave me a comment at the top of the page…….hit the REPLY button.

Angela Zechinato
boomers the aging workforce

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Earning Income After Retirement

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Earning Income After Retirement

Me and my “Puppy” 2013

Are you one of the 104 Million retirees who also happens to be a “baby boomer”?  Was Earning Income After Retirement something you were concerned about? When you retired I’ll bet you anything you didn’t count on not having enough money to live on. Right?

Baby boomers were born between 1946-1964. Yes, I am a “baby boomer” in my 60’s. Our numbers are impressive and we also have longevity thanks to medical technology and how well we take care of ourselves. Many will say that longevity is a good thing and that taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do to live a long healthy life.

However, these things can cause some challenges for most of us. You see, the longer we live the more money we will need. Earning income after retirement becomes an obsession.  Many of us are living on social security, retirement pensions, 401K and Roth accounts, and maybe if we are lucky, some personal savings.

Continue reading

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